Moto G now Available on Tesco

As you know, we have seen Moto G a few days ago when we have talked about some of its specs and availability details. If you remember, TELUS and Koodo Mobile were the only ones offering this model for a price of $189 (US dollars), as well as for free with a two-year contract. But now Tesco Mobile has joined the list and offers the 8GB version for no more than £99, as well as the 16GB Moto for £129. And that’s not all about it. Tesco is also offering you several Clubcard points or vouchers which can be used for buying this device at an amazing price very soon. But we are disappointed to find out that it will be locked to the mentioned retail, so be careful before taking a final decision.

You will like though its specs, no matter what buying option you’ll chose. Moto G is very comfortable and stylish, having a removable matte plastic back shell and a nice design which has captured our interest from the start.

Moto G on Tesco

Moto G on Tesco

Besides that, the handset is prepared to offer you a bright 720p screen with edge-to-edge display which offers vivid colors and great viewing angles, as well as a Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 chipset paired with 1GB of RAM, just what we’d expect from a device having such a price. And we can assure you that it is more than enough in order to keep things running smoothly!

As you know, it runs on a near-stock Android 4.3 Jelly Bean version, but the KitKat update is promised for January 2014, just as our source states. And you can also choose from a variety of accessories such as brightly-colored back panels, different bumpers in order to protect it from scrapes and knocks, as well as a flip cover which will keep your screen protected all the time.

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