Darkops: How to Set Dark Wallpapers on your AMOLED Display

There is no secret anymore about the fact that the display is one of the most battery-hungry elements of any smartphone, so you should better make some changes at this chapter too if you believe that there are some issues at this chapter. For example, the wallpaper they choose can make a great difference to battery life and that is why many of us prefer a dark-colored wallpaper.

In such a context, I want to tell you more about Darkops which comes with a premium collection of dark wallpapers up to 4k resolution for your smartphone. This is basically a guide about how to set Dark Wallpapers on your AMOLED Display and be sure that the app is simple to use, yet very efficient.

The Darkops app is available for free on the Google Play Store and comes with a generous set of wallpapers best-suited for AMOLED display. Don’t you know how things work? Let me tell you a few essential things right from the start.

For example, when you first open the app, you will see 4 tabs on top. Well, the default tab which will open on startup is the recent tab which shows the most recent wallpapers that have been added to the app. The next tab is the Shuffle tab which can be accessed by swiping to the very first tab inside the app. As you can guess from the name, the tab will shuffle the wallpapers according to a fixed criteria such as the Top 10 rating. The Categories tab reveals the wallpapers that are divided into different criteria like the Alphabets, Misc, Space etc.; as for the Favourite tab, this one shows the wallpapers that have starred by users.

Now, in order to add any wallpaper to the starred tab, you must tap on the heart icon. After selecting the wallpaper, the wallpaper selection screen will have a heart filled with white color which makes it clear that this is a favorited wallpaper. After you favorite a wallpaper, it will be seen in a separate tab so that the user does not have to search for the exact same wallpaper when the user wants it for future use.

And no matter what you choose, these dark wallpapers look amazing on home screen, not to mention that they’ll reduce the power consumption which means a better battery life for your Android device.

Darkops: AMOLED Wallpapers can be taken from here, so use it wisely!

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