Capture live focus images with your Note 8 Device

Who doesn’t want the new Galaxy Note 8, a larger smartphone with an infinity display, a powerful processor and built-in stylus? The very same Note 8 is also worth a look if you love photography and here I am to how you how simple it can be to capture live focus images with your Note 8 device. Like the iPhone 7 Plus device, the Note 8’s dual cameras create an artificial depth-of-field effect by blurring out the background, leaving your subject in focus.

Samsung’s version of Apple’s Portrait mode is called Live Focus focus and therefore, it is what Samsung calls the Note 8’s ability to blur the background of your image. You can easily switch to Live Focus with a single tap on the Live Focus button. The camera will switch to the telephoto lens, and things are even better as you have the chance to adjust how much blur is applied to the background, which you can control with a slider just above the shutter button.

It’s also possible to adjust the blur after a picture is taken, using Samsung’s Gallery app and every single time you do that, feel free to view the changes as you adjust the amount of blurriness, also known as bokeh, in real time on the Note 8‘s screen.

Well, I have to warn you that Live Focus might not always be available due to shooting conditions – this happens when the subject is too far away, or there’s not enough information for it to differentiate the background from the subject. For such cases, Samsung provides the third button from the left at the top of the camera app when in Live Focus mode turns on Dual Capture, which actually saves both the Live Focus image and the standard wide angle image.

And when “Live Focus is available”, this means that a subject has been identified and the Note 8 can do its magic and give you the best photos.

You can then select between the Live Focus image or the wide angle shot in Samsung’s Gallery app, but always keep in mind that Dual Capture takes much more memory than the standard photos that you usually capture.

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