Galaxy Gear To Receive a Fleksy Keyboard

You probably know that Samsung Galaxy Gear smartwatch features a full build of Android, so it can run various Android apps that work on a small display. But as long as Samsung has not included a virtual keyboard, typing on this smartwatch can be sometimes tricky, if not even annoying. So, what do you think about the possibility of using one on your Samsung Galaxy Gear smartwatch? We want to tell you about the Fleksy keyboard that works great with this device without any modification necessary and the fact that it has already been tested for the Omate TrueSmart smartwatch comes as a confirmation that it actually functions.

We want to tell you from the start that it looks exactly the same as the Fleksy keyboard for iOS or Android, but is of course downsized in order to fit the screen on the timepiece. You can make the QWERTY to appear when you tap the screen inside a text field or you also have the possibility to choose the invisible keyboard mode that lets you see your note on screen without the keyboard occupying half the display.

Galaxy Gear To Receive a Fleksy keyboard

Galaxy Gear To Receive a Fleksy keyboard

And you can only imagine that everything on the Fleksy keyboard on the Samsung Galaxy Gear can be done through gestures. But it is very easy to use it and surprisingly accurate thanks to its great prediction engine that provides proper auto correct.

If you want to give it a try and install this app on your Galaxy Gear, then all you have to do is downloading the APK from the Google Play Store and then sideload it onto the watch over ADB. Installing Fleksy will be easier that you are expecting and we consider it as being an ideal way to expand the flexibility of your device. So let us know how it works! But although it is ideal for short notes, don’t you think that it allows you to send messages from the Galaxy Gear. As our source confirms, such a scenario is still out of the question.

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