Hangouts updated to version 2.1.223 (Download)

Hangouts is getting a version bump from 2.1.100 to 2.1.223 and we want to tell you from the start that you should not be fooled by the small version number change. An entire package of new features is waiting to be discovered, this is something that you should already know, so don’t hesitate to continue reading and finding more about this most recent version of Hangouts.

What is the new Hangouts version bringing?

New block list
Yes, we know that the SMS blocking is not new, but the block list itself definitely is. This makes it easier than ever to see who you have got blocked, also letting you to unblock them if you want to do so. And we can also notice new custom notification tones for individual contacts.

Custom Notification tones for each Contact
Moreover, you also have the chance to set a custom notification tones for each contact. Like that, it could be much easier can easily know exactly from whom you have received the message.

Group Hangouts
The most recent version 2.1.223 lets you send Group hangouts by simply saying “Send to Group” instead of saying “Send Hangouts”.

New Keyboard Indicator Button
The update offers a new keyboard indicator button in order to easily switch between the numpad and full keyboard layout.

New Hide contact Feature
The hidden contact has been updated as well. You just have to long-press on a Hangout contact (not on phone contact) and then you must select ‘Hide contact’. That person will not appear in your list any longer, but it still shows up in the hidden menu if you change your mind and want to restore it later. It’s only your decision to take!

Is Hangouts 2.1.223 safe to install?

In case of wondering about the safety of installing this update, we can only tell you that this APK that we are talking about is signed by Google, so be sure that it easily upgrades your existing app with no problem. The cryptographic signature guarantees that the file is completely safe to install and it was not tampered with in one way or another, so there is no reason to refuse installing it.

In fact, rather than waiting for Google to push this most recent version 2.1.223 to all your devices, which can take days if not even more, you can simply download it and install it just like you have previously done with any other APK. And you know that it is not at all hard.

Download Hangouts 2.1.223 from here.

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