Samsung Galaxy S4 Google Play Edition on eBay for $499.99 ($150 Off)

There is no doubt that Galaxy S4 is still a capable handset worthy of our consideration, the same thing that we can say about the Galaxy S4 Google Play Edition. What do you think about the fact that it is currently on eBay for $499.99, $150 off from how Google was selling it before? Do you like the idea? Are you taking in consideration of buying this handset or are you hoping to become the owner of its more recent Galaxy S5 brother?

You still have some time to decide and we want to help you with that. As a reminder, here we have few of those technical specs that you might be interested about, especially taking in consideration that the deal from eBay includes free standard shipping in the US, as well as international shipping for a significant upcharge.

Do you remember about Samsung Galaxy S4 Google Play Edition?

In terms of design, the GP Edition has the same shape and characteristics as the regular Galaxy S4. As you know, the edges are curved and smooth, while the front is made out of glass with some simple chrome accents around the home button, the earpiece, the volume rocker and the camera.

Samsung’s Galaxy S4 Google Play Edition comes with a bright 5-inch 1080p touch screen which can offer rich and vibrant colors, but you should also know that it doesn’t include Samsung’s customizable features that some of you might be used to which means that you won’t be able to change the screen’s mode. This is generally used for displaying color contrast and optimizing the screen for photographs and movies and the lack of this feature means that sometimes you have to accept the oversaturated green.

The CPU that we have here is Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 600 that has four Krait 300 cores clocked as at 1.9 GHz each, also being coupled with 2GB of RAM, which is decent enough even for these days. As for its 13 MP camera, we must admit that it offers high-resolution photos, but we cannot hide our disappointment towards the very limited interface in terms of options. And don’t forget that we are talking about great FullHD video, the device giving you the chance to take full-resolution images while recoding a video, especially that the camera does continuous autofocus during video recording.

Regarding its software, just as it usually happens when we are talking about a Google Play Edition device, Google is promising faster updates than ever. And if you remember, this device doesn’t feature Samsung’s TouchWiz user interface, so you won’t see all of the 16 system icons available on the notifications shade. But you get eight shortcuts for actions such as turning on and off Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or adjusting brightness, not to mention that it has the standard Google virtual keyboard and not Samsung’s.

And when you purchase a new handset, you’re probably used to discover its preloaded software, but Google’s S4 Google Play Edition is not the case. This is an Android phone without any carrier bloatware and we can assure you that this eBay deal offers you the very same handset you would get from Google, but for a much better price.

Google’s own music player called Play Music is here present as well, letting you upload music onto the Google-branded cloud and stream it on your handset via Wi-Fi; or you can simply choose to download the content onto the handset f you want to use it later, when you won’t be connected any longer.

When it comes to the battery life, Samsung Galaxy S4 Google Play Edition is not so different the Galaxy S4 version as it offers the same web browsing battery life at 7:13 hours, as well as a video playback of no less than 12:32 hours per charge. But we cannot say the same thing about the endurance rating which has dropped from 69 hours to only 63 hours on this Google Play version.

Your decision to Take!

Some might say that $500 is still a lot for a handset like Samsung Galaxy S4 Google Play Edition which has been revealed a year ago, but those who like such a version should also take in consideration that there was no GS5 GPE to be seen at I/O.

After seeing all these, it’s only your decision to take regarding this Samsung Galaxy S4 Google Play Edition eBay offer!

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