LG G3 on T-Mobile starting this July 16

Are you planning to buy LG’s G3 from T-Mobile? Then, we can only tell you that you won’t have to wait that long as the sales are set to start at July 16. Yes, this is exactly the day when we’ll see the LG G3 making its first appearance on T-Mobile, so you still have time to prepare your money. As for those of you still questioning the handset’s specs and features, we invite you to discover more about it.

LG’s G3 Design

We all know that LG describes the back of its G3 as “metallic” despite of the fact that it’s actually plastic, but a strong one that won’t disappoint you. It has a hard finish and does a great job when it comes to keeping fingerprints away, so it has nothing to do with the high-gloss plastics used in the past.

So, we have the chance to enjoy some sort of a scratch-resistant, polycarbonate metallic skin that gives a more premium look to this LG G3 handset as well, not to mention that we can choose from its several different color options including Metallic Black, Silk White, Shine Gold, Moon Violet, as well as Burgundy Red. And if you want a QuickCircle case for the G3, you’ll love its round keyhole used  to peek through when you want to see the time or some other frequently used apps.

Display and Processor

LG G3 boasts a 2,560 × 1,440 pixel display, this being one of the handset’s major specs. The display is incredibly dense at 534 ppi, so there is no doubt that the screen is beautifully sharp and able to offer vivid details. Anyway, we also want to tell you that LG G3 might have one of the highest resolution screens ever seen, but Samsung’s Galaxy S5 AMOLED display has a greater dynamic range than G3 and this means just one thing: S5 is much brighter in darkness, so it manages to win the title of the “best” display, although the pixel would initially tell a different story.

As for its processor, it has been upgraded to a 2.5-GHz quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 chipset, also being coupled with 3GB RAM on board and 16 or 32GB storage options. But we still have the same 3,000-mAh battery as the one offered in its G2 predecessor.

As for its camera, although we have an unchanged 13-megapixel model, you should also know that LG added improved optical image stabilization, as well as laser autofocus, so it perform better than the previous version. And a 2.1-megapixel camera is included on the front of the handset as well, for selfies and not only.

Kill switch and Knock Code Security Features

Contrary to previous rumors, we all know that LG G3 doesn’t have a fingerprint sensor or any other biometric security onboard; it has instead the Knock Code security function, as well as the surprising Kill Switch security feature that has captured our attention.

In these conditions, we can enjoy what LG claims that its Knock Code can offer: a wide range of so many different combinations (no less than 86,358 different code possibilities, to be more precise) so that the handset is much difficult to hack than Samsung Galaxy S5’s competitor and its fingerprint sensor.

As for the new Kill Switch security feature, it seems that a few states across America have proposed a kill switch mandate for all handsets. LG’s decision to already put one on the G3 was a bold one, but the company’s goal is to keep our data safe and we cannot complain about that.

Customize your LG G3

Moreover, don’t forget about all those customization options that you can take advantage of; you can choose a theme engine which will change the icons, the keyboard can be resized as well, just as the fonts can be modified or you can simply change the style of the system bar – white or black; flat or gradient.

So, what do you have to say about this LG G3 handset reaching to T-Moble? Is it an option for you? Anyway, don’t forget that there are two more Android devices expected to join T-Mobile just a few days later.

We are talking about Sony Xperia T2 Ultra which will hit the store shelves on July 23, while Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 will become available at T-Mobile on the same day as well.

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