Best Cases for Samsung Galaxy S5

This year’s Galaxy S5 is a handset that is really hard to complain about. Great specs and features are waiting for us in a really sleek package, so there’s no surprise that it is so successful. We like its speedy quad-core Snapdragon 801 processor, as well that beautiful and vivid 5.1-inches 1920 x 1080p full HD AMOLED display which is among the best screens around; we have used its 16-megapixels for amazingly crisp photos and we have been pleased by its fingerprint scanner and heart rate monitor.

Moreover, Samsung Galaxy S5 is a ruggedized device as long as its ports and battery are sealed so you can submerge the GS5 in 3 feet of water for up to 30 minutes, but don’t be fooled by that. There is indeed an extra level of protection, but this doesn’t have to mean that your smartphone is ready for everything. You never know when an accident will occur, especially given the fact that the phone’s plastic and glass design are not “rugged” like some other phones that can take drops and other damage with no problems, so it’s your duty to choose a case for protection.

Doing such a thing for your brand new smartphone is far from an easy task, especially taking in consideration that the options are practically unlimited. Every case manufacturer seems to be offering at least one case for this handset, not to mention that new models appear every day, but we hope that the options mentioned below will satisfy your demands in terms of style and functionality as well.

Be sure that we’ll update this story whenever the case, but for now, here we have some of the best Samsung Galaxy S5 cases:

Best Cases for Samsung Galaxy S5:

1. Spigen Cases
We have decided to start with Spigen as long as we have been impressed not by one, but by no less than three case options for the company’s Galaxy S5.

Spigen Air Cushion Clear Case has managed to capture our attention from the very beginning as long as it combines two different technologies for ultimate protection and performance.

This case has a hard shell protective design, as well as a soft outer rim, so you’ll enjoy dual protection for your Samsung Galaxy S5. The TPU sides act as a protective bumper case, while the back’s hard shell clear plastic protects the design – a combination that cannot disappoint us.

Moreover, the plastic sides come in seven colors to match to choose from, while the transparent back plate shows the perfect shape of your device.

Spigen Air Cushion Clear Case

Spigen Air Cushion Clear Case

After all, a handset like this one deserves to be seen. So, we must admit that this case is beautiful and it fits great, also protecting the screen and the back panel from scratches!

You can get it now for no more than $13.99 from Amazon.

The Spigen 360 Clear Hard Case is ready to offer us complete protection with full coverage for the top, bottom, as well as left and right side of your Samsung Galaxy S5. There is no reason to deny that Spigen made a quality product, managing to add the protection that we want without fully hiding your smartphone.

Spigen 360 Clear Hard Case

Spigen 360 Clear Hard Case

In fact, we think that it makes it much more elegant than before, all ports and openings being fully compatible and offering a natural grip. Even more, don’t forget that the Premium Polycarbonate with Urethane Coating prevents discoloration and that the package also includes a screen protector at a great price.

Buy Spigen’s 360 Clear Hard Case for $9.99 on Amazon with free shipping on orders over $35.

Spigen Strong Flex is another option to take in consideration, being flexible as it wraps around the front to also protect your Galaxy S5 and made from durable TPU material that allows a comfortable grip. We also like that it doesn’t add much bulk, not to mention that the precise cutouts allow users to access all the ports, sensors, fingerprint scanners, as well as the charging slots of the device.

Spigen Strong Flex

Spigen Strong Flex

We definitely recommended this case if you’re looking for basic phone protection, but you should also know that it doesn’t work with the wireless charging back plate. Could this influence your choice? It is only up to you to decide!

After deciding, feel free to order it for $11.99 from Amazon by using this link.

2. OtterBox Cases

From all the OtterBox cases revealed for Samsung’s Galaxy S5 cases, we have already made our choices when it comes to the best models. We have one thing to tell you: with OtterBox Cases you can enjoy every moment of your life, as long as you’re one hundred percent protected!

OtterBox Galaxy S5 Defender Series case is one of most popular OtterBox cases, being made of shock-absorbing and impact-deflecting materials that completely cover your Samsung Galaxy S5 along with a built-in screen protector that protects it against scratches, scrapes and any other damage. The two-piece polycarbonate internal shell and the screen protector work together against the accidental abuse that can happen to your Galaxy S5.

OtterBox Galaxy S5 Defender Series case

OtterBox Galaxy S5 Defender Series case

The multi-layer case is especially made to withstands drops, bumps, dust and shock, being recommended for extreme conditions and heavy use, while the port covers can easily block dust and debris from entering in ports and jacks. And finally, we are sure that some of you enjoy its unique styling, with button designs that perfectly complement your Galaxy S5 device.

The OtterBox Galaxy S5 Defender Series can be ordered for $38.46 with free shipping from Amazon.

OtterBox Galaxy S5 Preserver case is an option more than worthy of our attention as well. This case allows users to take the Galaxy S5 underwater up to 6.6 feet for no less than 30 minutes (this is actually twice as deep as the Galaxy S5 can resist without a case), also being drop proof as it protects the smartphone  from drops up to 6.6 ft. (2 m) and dust proof, successfully blocking dust and debris particles (IP-6X). And if you have been impressed by that, don’t forget that it even comes with a built-in screen protector against scratches.

OtterBox Galaxy S5 Preserver case

OtterBox Galaxy S5 Preserver case

When it comes to its components, don’t forget that it is a two-piece case with snap assembly for easy installation, also coming with an adjustable lanyard included for convenient carrying and use. All things look great so far, but you should be aware of the fact that the sturdy construction and feel come with a price.

Some have complained that it is a little too bulky, but given its advantages, we don’t really see how the story could be any different! This is indeed a high-performance protective case, but definitely not the best option if you want an elegant model.

Buy the OtterBox Galaxy S5 Preserver case from Amazon (priced at $71.57 with free shipping included).

Symmetry Galaxy S5 is another case from OtterBox for all those of you who love what this company has to offer, but without the bulk of traditional OtterBox cases. This new case combines two layers of protection into a single piece, being the first pocket-friendly model that we’ve seen from OtterBox.

Symmetry Galaxy S5

Symmetry Galaxy S5

When it comes to the actual protection, the dual-material polycarbonate and the synthetic rubber construction also make this case one of the most protective ones from its class, so there is no reason to be worried about. In fact, this is all that many of you have dreamed of! We have both a slim design and the protection that we want from drops and bumps in one package.

Don’t hesitate to buy it for $37.99 from Amazon!

The OtterBox Commuter Wallet Galaxy S5 case is a protective model designed with the idea of wallet storage and quick access to your cash and cards in mind. As you can see, this case allows users to enjoy the protection of a true OtterBox product, while also carrying several cards at the same time. So, although is generally known for rugged protective products, OtterBox is also trying to offer us something different.

OtterBox Commuter Wallet Galaxy S5 case

OtterBox Commuter Wallet Galaxy S5 case

Take your Samsung Galaxy S5 device with you knowing you have the OtterBox protection on your side: this case is a multi-layer one that protects the handset against damage, while the slimline design hides contents. Even more, the wallet drawer can hold up to three cards and one bill, giving you the chance to access wallet drawer contents without turning case over. Is this what you need?

After paying $24.99 on Aamzon, this OtterBox Commuter Wallet Galaxy S5 case can be yours.

3. CM4 Cases

CM4 Cases are among our favorites as long as they find the perfect balance between protection and innovation.

The CM4Q-Card case is an amazing Galaxy S5 wallet case made of a durable lightweight plastic that protects the screen and camera along with a Lay-flat Screen Guard that offers us the screen protection that we want, also being  finished off with premium leather for an elegant look. And besides that, the CM4 Q-Card Wallet case for the Galaxy S5 can hold three credit cards, or two and some cash, also being available in three colors to choose from: Black, Midnight Blue, as well as Pacific Green.

CM4Q-Card case

CM4Q-Card case

One other feature that you’ll love about it is the built-in audio amplifier. When you choose a case for your Galaxy S5 and put it on a table, the added thickness makes hearing calls or alerts difficult. CM4 has a built-in port that routes the speaker to the front, making it a much louder front facing speaker.

This case is has a price of $39.99 and is waiting for its buyers on

4. Urban Cases

You have probably heard about Urban Armor Cases before; they leave no space for compromises and offer us the best military standards protection!

This Urban Armor Gear Case meets military drop-test standards (MIL STD 810G 516.6), as well as a HD Screen protector with cleaning kit guards against scratches, but don’t you imagine that we have said it all. Not at all! The case is also very lightweight, although we are talking about an armor shell and impact resistant soft core and this is most likely its most important advantage.

Urban Armor Gear Case

Urban Armor Gear Case

The company has managed to maintain the case thinner while still retaining its drop protection and adding a quick one-piece case removal without dealing with two separate shells. And another very interesting element is added to the sides of the case in a form of a lower grip pads on each side which we have never seen before.

So, don’t hesitate to buy it for $29.95 with free shipping on orders over $35 from Amazon.

5. CandyShell Cases

CandyShell Cases come in a range of options, all of them being reliable choices. That is why we think that you can find the Galaxy S5 case that’s right for you from this list:

The CandyShell Grip Case for Samsung Galaxy S5 is a military-grade protective one with raised rubber ridges for the most comfortable grip possible. Being certified to exceed MIL-STD-810G drop test standards, you can be sure that your handset is safe even in extreme conditions.

CandyShell Grip Case

CandyShell Grip Case

And don’t forget that we are talking about two layers of protection that make the case slimmer than we would have imagined, easily being slided in your pockets.

Do you want this case? It is waiting for you for no more than $34.95 (use this link to place your order).

The simple CandyShell Case model for Samsung Galaxy S5 comes with two layers of sleek in a single-piece Galaxy S5 case. We like that it has raised bezel protects screen from impact and that its rubberized covers shield both Volume and Power buttons, still keeping them accessible.

CandyShell Case

CandyShell Case

And it also comes with military-grade drop protection, making sure that your Galaxy S5 will remain unharmed, not to mention that is still slim enough to enjoy the real form of your handset.

You can take this CandyShell Case from here for a price of no more than $34.95.

The final CandyShell model from our list is the Inked Case which is ideal for those of you looking for a colored Samsung S5 case. Don’t worry, we still have the same military-grade protection and raised bezel protects, but they come in a splash of color.

CandyShell Inked Case

CandyShell Inked Case

As for those two layers of protection that are responsible with making these Samsung Galaxy S5 cases slim, they are here as well, so enjoy!

Buy your own CandyShell Inked Case from here for a price of $39.95!

6. TerraPin Cases

We have always admired one thing about TerraPin Cases: they have affordable prices, but you’d never tell that by their design. These cases looks as if they were very expensive, also managing to offer a decent protection to our handsets.

Here we have the TerraPin Premium PU leather case with a nice design and a premium look and feel. This case features a leather design, as well as a soft plastic inner shell for extended protection from drops along with the usual cutouts for all ports and buttons that your Samsung Galaxy S5 has.

TerraPin Premium PU leather case

TerraPin Premium PU leather case

The case has three credit card or ID slots and we were surprised to discover a fourth area as well also known as a secret compartment for cash or additional storage.

Is this what you need? The TerraPin PU leather case can be yours for no more than $12.95 from Amazon, so don’t hesitate to take it from here.

7. SUPCASE Wallet Cases

Have you ever used a SUPCASE product before? They are reliable choices for small prices, so let’s take a closer look to a case coming from this company:

Just as OtterBox mentioned above, SUPCASE has a wallet case as well – Flip Wallet – but it has a different style.  This is actually the way that most wallet cases come in, even though many buyers aren’t a fan of this flippy flap design. The SUPCASE holds two credit cards, ID or cash, and comes in a premium synthetic leather, a very soft interior material provides a good protection of your Samsung Galaxy S5.

SUPCASE Flip Wallet

SUPCASE Flip Wallet

This case has the same two-fold rear design to double as a stand, and will allow for an easy hands-free viewing experience. And dnt forget that we also have precise cutouts for your Samsung Galaxy S5, as well as full access to all ports and buttons, but taking pictures while holding that back is still frustrating for many users.

The SUPCASE Flip Wallet for your Galaxy S5 is priced at only $12.99 on Amazon.

8. i-Blason Cases

As many of you know, the i-Blason cases come in seven different colors and there are among the best TPU hybrid options that we have ever seen. They may not be among the most elegant options out there, but we can assure you that the protection is a top priority!

The i-Blason Samsung Galaxy S5 Case is no exception to that. As you can see by yourself, it includes no less than two pieces: we are talking about a hard back case that easily slides into a locking belt clip swivel holster.  The inner layer of silicone case offers excellent shock absorption and abrasion resistance, but it still manages to maintain the thin form factor of the phone.

i-Blason Samsung Galaxy S5 Case

i-Blason Samsung Galaxy S5 Case

The included built-in stand, it offers the flexibility that we need allowing us to watch videos and movies with ease, while the holster shell is very easy to install and remove. The clasp is cleverly designed, also acting like a magnetic clasp so that when you fold the cover all the way around, the two parts of the clasp mate so the closure strap holds the case in the open position as well. And don’t forget that the belt clip can rotate 180 degrees, so what more could we be asking for?

The well designed i-Blason Samsung Galaxy S5 Case can be yours for only $9.99 from Amazon.

9. iSkin Cases

iSkin Cases are classic, elegant and reliable and this choice over here is no exception to that.

This iSkin Claro Case is a shock and impact resistant model that has a soft high-gloss finish that you’ll simply love along with flexibleco-molded Opti-Clear back covered Volume and Buttons,

iSkin Claro Case

iSkin Claro Case

The front has no protection (we are used to that), but the rear is fully protected, just like the sides and the corners of your device. This is what we all want, right? We want intelligent protection for the back and sides of your device and a nice design and this case seems to have both these features.

Don’t hesitate to grab it from here for a decent price of just $14.99.

10. BIRUGEAR S-Line Cases

BIRUGEAR cases are not at all popular, but we are willing to give them a chance. They usually fit the devices perfectly, they have a modern look and great prices and here we have an ideal example for that.

This BIRUGEAR S-Line Slim TPU Case has something from the soft flexible TPU (as we are used to see on so many other models available throughout Amazon and not only), but it also comes with some additional features.



In fact, it’s half TPU and half hard shell, for added durability. The hard shell also has a slide out kickstand for viewing games, apps and not only, also coming in five additional colors in order to match to your style.

And this case comes with a screen protector and even a stylus for no more than $4.95 from Amazon. Use this link if you want to buy it.

11. FlexiShield Cases

We like FlexiShield Cases as they are trying to offer us something new in terms of material, while still enjoying the shape and slim profile of our devices. Are you curious to see what this company has prepared for Samsung Galaxy?

This FlexiShield case provides slim-fitting and durable protection for your Samsung Galaxy S5. Being made from a special tough gel which is made to give it the flexibility of silicone materials and some of plastic toughness, the case that we have here is able to keep the handset safe and offer with access to all its ports and features.

FlexiShield case

FlexiShield case

And although it has a small price and we admit that there are better options out there, the FlexiShield case is made specifically for the Samsung Galaxy S5 being one of the few versions that maintain the slim profile of the device with no unnecessary bulk added.

You can take it from here for no more than £4.99.

12. Ballistic Cases

Ballistic cases don’t cost you a fortune, but they are more than decent, so you wont regret the decision of buying a product from this manufacturer.

Ballistic Jewel Case for Samsung Galaxy S5 comes with ballistic corners that provide protection against cracked screens due to corner drops, the corners also been raised in order to offer protection from surface shock and scratches.

Ballistic Jewel Case

Ballistic Jewel Case

We like that we are talking about a drop test certified product and moreover, its slim and pocketable design is a major advantage, making the features of your handset very easy to access.

What do you say about a price of $6.36 from Amazon?

13. Incipio’s Cases

Incipio’s Cases are solid choices for the money, so we must admit that there was no way to exclude them from our list.

Incipio’s DualPro Case has a rigid exterior and soft interior, but exactly this rigid plextonium shell with impact absorbing silicone core is responsible with the protection task. Moreover, this case doubles the protection with two layers of interlocking defense, so the shock-absorbing inner core and the rigid exterior manage to keep your Galaxy S5 device safe in any situation.

Incipio's DualPro Case

Incipio’s DualPro Case

And what do you think about its innovative hybrid design? To be honest, the company did not exaggerated at all, but we actually like it. This case is not only different, but it also does its job!

Incipio’s DualPro case can be bought from Amazon for a price of no more than $17.99.

Incipio PlexFolio Ultra Thin Case is another option that we want to talk about as it comes with a hard Plextonium Shell and a soft micro suede front cover, being perfectly able to offer a low profile design for full coverage against daily wear and tear. The soft micro suede lining carefully protects your device’s screen, while the front cover won’t close all the way unless the phone is in place.

Incipio PlexFolio Ultra Thin Case

Incipio PlexFolio Ultra Thin Case

In theory you should stay relaxed as your Galaxy S5 is safe, but we must also tell you that the front cover will flip open easily so if you drop the phone, there might be an issue.

This case is waiting for you for a price of $20.84 on Amazon (use this direct link).

14. Tech21 Cases

At the end, we want to suggest a manufacturer less popular, but which seems to promise a lot: Tech21

This Tech21 Impact Mesh Case comes with an original mesh pattern on the interior of minimalistic shell, being made of advanced materials only. The company claims that it’s crafted with a premium TPU formula known for its flexibility and durability and we like this idea.

Tech21 Impact Mesh Case

Tech21 Impact Mesh Case

And don’t forget that it also allows you to access all functions of your device, so you won’t have any problem at this chapter. This case and your Samsung Galaxy S5 are fully compatible!

You can buy the Tech21 Impact Mesh Case from here for a price of €29.99.

We have tried our best to provide a balanced mix of well-designed, cheap cases with more expensive models that have special attributes, but we haven’t named a single winner as we think that personal taste is a big factor when it comes to making such a choice. It is only up to you to take the final decision, that’s for sure!

We can only hope that we have managed to help you and don’t forget to make any suggestions regarding our picks in the comments section area below.