Samsung Announces New Smartphone Gear S

Samsung has recently announced another smartwatch to compete with the rest of smart wrists devices available on the market. Gear S appears to be something completely different since will not be running on Android operating system. Instead, the Gear S, announced ahead of IFA 2014, will be running the Samsung-backed Tizen operating system.

It seems like the watch will feature a curved 2-inch Super AMOLED display, 3G, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi connectivity, as well as the ability to make and receive calls directly from the watch.

Within the watch, users will be able to see a dual-core 1.0 GHz processor, 512 MB of RAM and 4 GB of storage. In the same time, the battery is 300 mAh, which the Korean manufacturer says will give users enough power to run the device up to two days of typical usage.

Now, regarding the software aspect, it will be introduced with turn-by-turn pedestrian navigation provided by Here, a news service from the Financial Times as well as the S Health features, which will take full advantage of the watch’s multi sensors and built-in GPS. To be more precise, the sensors refer to an accelerometer, gyroscope, compass, heart rate monitor, barometer as well as sensors of ambient light and UV. Like other Samsung watches, the new Gear S allows users to make and receive calls from the device.

As I mentioned above, the smart watch will have Bluetooth, Wi-Fi connection possibility, and also the 3G connectivity on 900 / 2100 or 850 / 1900 bands, (also 2G connectivity on 900 / 1800 or 850 / 1900). However, Samsung did not mention anything about the devices that will be compatible with the new watch.

Perhaps you are wondering whether the Samsung Smartwatch Gear S is capable of replacing the Smartphone. Actually, there are a couple of situations in which the use of such a device will be more than welcomed. For example, if you are going on camping, but you do not want to take your Smartphone, you can simply take the Gear S and use it on the case of emergency.

In the same time, it is perfect when you go out for a run. Taking the Gear S makes a lot of sense, especially since you can make use of the multiple sensors installed on the device. You will definitely want an easy-to-access device for GPS, tracking your path or responding to incoming messages.

Now, in order to fully replace the Smartphone, such a smart watch will need to have a bigger screen, bigger storage capacity, and higher resolution display. In the same time, people might also expect to see a longer life cycle especially because of its small size. Eventually, it is up to each person’s needs and interests on deciding whether a smart watch can replace the Smartphone.

Returning to the Samsung Smartwatch Gear S, the manufacturer announced a release date on early October, when the watch will be fully available through Samsung’s retail channels, e-commerce websites, and local carrier. In the same time, the company did not give any information regarding the price of the watch, but I am sure we will definitely find out more about this smart wrist device until then.