Huawei Launches Sapphire-Clad Ascend P7

Sapphire displays seem to become the new standard in a high-quality devices and materials. This precious material is actually a powerful medium offering an unparalleled scratch resistance and crack performance. After all, this is a major problem Smartphone users are encountering with their devices.

As expected, another Smartphone manufacturer is adhering to this measure and goes with a sapphire display for their own devices. Huawei has decided to use the precious material, and they are ready to give it a test. However, it is worth mentioning the fact that they are not going all in on the material, but they want just to test the waters.

The Chinese manufacturer is rumored to be releasing a sapphire version for their popular Ascent P7 Smartphone. In the same time, it seems that the Ascend P7 iteration would come in limited quantities. The first batch is expected to hit the shelves this Heptameter and the following one coming in November. No price has been mentioned so far, but we can easily aspect a higher tag price attached for this special version.

Mobile display technology is changing day by day, and manufacturers try to keep up with this movement. In this respect, in order to get the attention, companies launched Corning Gorilla Glass for screen protection and now, Huawei is all set to launch the sapphire clad display with Ascend P7.

If you wonder what does a sapphire display really is, here are some words to clear your questions. Sapphire-clad is a kind of display protection that helps users to use the touch screen without any scratch. According to various tests submitted in early trials, it seems like the Sapphire displays are great for protecting against scratches, but they are not shatterproof. However, they are strong enough to face normal disaster that happens to any Smartphone.

The scarcity of the special edition P7 raised various debates and questions regarding the feasibility of making large sapphire screens more mainstream. However, as I mentioned above, this procedure is actually very costly, and the hard material becomes quite brittle when scaled up.

If all goes as planned, Huawei will become the first Chinese brand to sell a Smartphone coming with a sapphire-clad display. In the same time, another two manufacturers, Huawei’s rivals Xiaomi and Vivo, announced to be mulling sapphire devices any time now.

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