How to Use Flash Option on Galaxy S7 Edge Front Camera

You are aware of the fact that your latest Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge comes with the brightest displays that you can find on the current market – as per DisplayMate and as we have all seen it- so the front camera flash should work better than ever. Maybe the next Galaxy S generation will come with an actual LED flash at the front – just as the Galaxy J series comes with a front flash, even if this is not quite a regular flash, but it is more as a light that is turned on constantly unless you turn off the flash option.

So, the Galaxy S7 Edge handset packs a 12MP rear camera with dual-LED flash, but the weird part is that there is no actual LED flash on the smartphone for the front camera. In such a situation, Samsung thought about a solution that can solve this issue.

The Korean company decided to implement a software-based flash option for the front camera on its new devices and taking a picture with the flash on will make the screen go all white for a moment in order to bring some light into your selfies.

The Flash option that I am telling you about is available at the top and will be visible while using the Galaxy S7 Edge phone in the front camera mode. So, by enabling the option and taking a selfie, the screen of your Samsung device will go all white which acts as kind of a flash to make your selfie appear a little better. And if you found all these way too familiar, you are not making any mistake. This screen flash method of illuminating faces in the front-facing camera has never been found on a previous Galaxy handset, but Apple is the one who introduced the feature last year.

Yes, I know that Snapchat has also used the screen as a flash for years, but Apple took things to a new level and installed a special piece of hardware to make it better. The LED usually creates a burst of bright light from a single point, and that can create harsh shadows, as well areas of blown-out white space and that it why indoors photos are never great. However, all these changes put this to an end.

You should understand from the start the fact that such a Galaxy S7 Edge flash will not be as effective as a real flash but it is expected to do the job as the device has such an amazing mobile display. So, do not hesitate to try out this Display flash option on your Galaxy S7 Edge whenever you get your hands on one and want to take a selfie. Let me know if you are pleased by the result and do not hesitate to keep on reading as we are currently working on more tips and tricks for your Galaxy S7 Edge camera.

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