Samsung Smart Home Update Brings S Voice Support

Samsung is working hard in order to improve their Smart Home system, especially now, with their acquisition of Smart Things. The new home automation service has revealed a great deal of services, features, and improvements while granting users the possibility to control several of their appliances and other products with the help of their mobile devices and TVs.

This is a great project, but today’s announcement has definitely marked a notable change. It seems like Samsung’s Smart Home expansion will also include a new set of services and products which are mostly focusing on safety, energy management, location awareness while dealing with smarter, more inter-connected ways of living in the home of the future.

Basically, with the help of Samsung Home system, users can are able to connect to digital locks and IP cameras from their smartphones, which will help them keep an eye on their home, and every area in it, even when they are not in it.

In the same time, the new energy management features allow you to keep an eye on how much energy certain appliances and devices are using. You also have the possibility to set limits and get alerts and notifications each time these limits are surpassed. As you can see, Samsung has figured it out pretty much all. You can start saving energy while using Samsung’s Smart home system.

The location awareness feature might be regarded as the most exciting feature of the whole system, mostly since it brings automated actions based on where you are. In this way, you can turn on your AC when you get to a few blocks from your home. Alternatively, you want to have the whole house lightened when you put your foot on the front lawn. This is all possible now, with the help of Samsung Smart Home.

In case you are wondering how this all works, well, let me just tell you that Android is in the back of all this. As most Samsung mobile devices run Android, it was expected to see this beloved operating system to run the Smart home. At this time, one of the new improved features includes Samsung S Voice support. At this point, users will be able to control their homes and appliances using Samsung’s voice-operated digital assistant, present in most Samsung smartphones and Gear devices.

In the same time, it is worth mentioning the fact that Samsung plans to let this engaging system grow along with the rest of their products. As a matter of fact, they will soon release a Smart Home SDK to help users understand the product better. Stay tuned for more news regarding Samsung’s Smart Home system, and start making your home smarter.