How to Get LG G6 Rounded Display Corners on your Own Android Device

LG G6 is an amazing smartphone and I’ve heard no person complaining about the rounded corners in the display. Quite the opposite, they are a plus! With the minimal bezels on the G6, the rounded corners in the display look special, but who says that they should only stay on this handset? As you might have guessed, there is a way to enjoy the very same LG G6 Rounded Display Corners on your own Android device and here I am to guide you all the way.

I don’t know if you agree with me on that, but I have a feeling that this has already become some sort of a trend. More and more manufactures incline towards this new direction of OEMs on the display department, but even if you don’t want a new device such as LG G6, the Rounded Display is not out of your league at all!

In fact, as I have told you from the start, you can get these rounded display corners on your smartphone right now! You just need a special app for that and this will do the trick just fine!

How to Get LG G6-Like Rounded Display on your Own Android Device:

  1. The nifty little app that I have told you about is known as ‘Cornerfly’. Take it from Google Play Store right away;
  2. Install it into your Android device;
  3. Then, just open it;
  4. You will be asked to grant two permissions: I am talking about System overlay and Accessibility service;
  5. You have to grant them and let me assure you that the steps are as simple as they can be as long as app guides the user through the procedure;
  6. After making all the changes, don’t forget to press the check mark to finish initial setup;
  7. From Cornerfly’s main menu, verify that the switch in the top-right corner is enabled. From here, if your phone uses on-screen navigation buttons, you can tweak a few settings and get the best out of this app;
  8. By default, Cornerfly will not round the corners of your navigation bar, but it will round the corners at the bottom of the foreground app. This might be perfect for those apps that use a black navigation bar, but the effect will look even better if you have Cornerfly round off the navigation bar instead of having apps that have the same color as the navigation bar; therefore, go to the Application entry in Cornerfly’s main menu and tick the box next to Overlay Navigationbar for any app that uses a color-matched navigation bar;
  9. Even more, you can choose to open the app to find different options. Find your way into Applications and from there you can decide whether you want Cornerfly to work in some specific apps or not;
  10. Even more, the app also lets you change the size of the corners, or even to disable specific corners, so make all the changes that you need!

Here’s how to get LG’s G6 rounded display on any Android device that you might use! I am sure that it wasn’t at all hard to apply these steps!

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