Hard Reset Galaxy Note 4

Fixing software issues or preparing your Galaxy Note 4 for custom update operations might imply in performing a hard reset, or a factory reset operation. This process is related to various other operations and represents a must when using the Android system. So, because of that, during this dedicated step by step guide I will teach you have to quickly and safely hard reset your Samsung Galaxy Note 4. But, before, let’s learn everything that’s linked to this Android process.

What should we understand when talking about hard reset?

The Hard Reset operation is featured by default on Android OS. That means you can easily perform it on your galaxy Note 4, just like on any other smartphone or tablet. Thus, for completing the process you don’t have to use dedicated tools or risky procedures; you just have to apply the default procedure.

Due to same reasons, making a hard or factory reset is official, even though you will restore your device back to its initial state – we will talk about this during the following guidelines. Also, hard resetting your Samsung Galaxy Note 4 will work in the same way for both rooted and locked smartphones, or in case your device is powered by stock or custom Android OS and whether you have replaced the stock recovery with a custom recovery image or not.

Bottom line, you have nothing to worry about. This tutorial is guiding you through an official operation so the warranty of your Note 4 will not get void while you complete the hard reset process.

Now, when talking about a hard reset, in your mind should pop the thought of wiping the internal system of your Note 4. Thus, if you choose to complete this operation you will eventually end up in erasing all of your data, info and accounts. In the end, your phone will be restored to its initial state in term of in built data and pre installed features and programs.

Is Factory reset the same with Hard Reset?

Yes; we are talking about the same operation. So, why we have two different names for the same process? Well, basically the factory reset can be completed by using your Galaxy Note 4 settings, while the hard reset is applied by using the hardware method – implies in using a key combination on your phablet (we will discuss about this at the right moment).

What should be clear for you is that both factory and hard reset terms are referring to the same operation and that the result is also the same.

When should you Hard Reset your Galaxy Note 4?

Since the internal system of your phablet will be erased during the hard reset, you can use this operation if you are thinking in selling your Galaxy Note 4. In that situation you defenetely don’t want to share your personal data, info and accounts with a strange person. So, before selling your device make the hard reset for wiping out everything that you have saved on the internal storage memory of your SGN4.

Moreover, as previously stated, you will now return your smartphone to its initial state. Because of that, the factory reset process is great. You can use it when dealing with various software related issues. These issues are usually caused by custom operations such as: gaining root access, updating with custom ROMs, installing a custom recovery image, overclocking the CPU, removing bloatware and so on. The issues are usually referring to boot loops, force closes, alerts, lags, bugs, total blackouts, battery drain or heating problems.

And yes, the hard reset process can fix your bricked Samsung Galaxy Note 4.

What to prepare before wiping the system of your Android smartphone

At this point it should be clear for you that if you go further you will lose all of your data from the internal storage memory of your Note 4. And as usual, a backup is not an option for you. In this way you can temporarily store what’s important, while you can then anytime restore your data on a different or even on the same smartphone.

You can complete the backup by using dedicated software, which can be downloaded from Google Play – or you can check out our how to page for further details.

How to Hard Reset Galaxy Note 4

Use hardware buttons and Recovery Mode

  1. As you can see from the title, you just have to enter and use recovery mode on your SGN4.
  2. After accessing recovery, select “wipe data factory reset”.
  3. Optional (in case you want to troubleshoot software issues) choose to clear cache: select “wipe cache partition” and “wipe dalvick cache”.
  4. When done, go back and select “reboot system now”.

Use your phone’s settings

  1. From your phablet tap on Menu.
  2. Go towards Setting.
  3. Navigate on User and Backup.
  4. The Backup and Reset option will be displayed.
  5. Choose the same, agree with the alerts and wait while the factory reset is automatically completed.


So, now you know everything about the hard reset and factory reset operation. Moreover, you now know how to safely complete this process on your Samsung Galaxy Note 4. So, what do you say, was this guide helpful for you? If you need further info ask for details during the comments field from below.

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