CM12 to be Released for Moto G Soon; Alpha Update Already Available

The first generation of Motorola Moto G will be among the first smartphones to receive CM12 custom ROM. The devs (those of xda-developers) are already working in releasing a stable variant of Android 5.0 Lollipop OS through CM 12 built. For now only an alpha built of the platform is available for download, but you shouldn’t install the same on your phone, since the update is still buggy and with various software related issues.

Anyway, as you know CyanogenMod is one of the most popular and appreciated custom updates for Android devices, so it’s great to see that the latest built of the ROM is already developed for Moto G (the same firmware is in development stage for Galaxy Note N7000).

Of course, this is just an unofficial Android 5.0 update that isn’t related with Motorola or with Google. CM12 is developed by third party devs and represents a free aftermarket distribution of Android platform. Thus, if you choose to install it on your Moto G, you will lose your phone’s warranty.

Also, for being able to complete the custom update operation, you first have to root your Motorola device and to install a custom recovery image (like CWM or TWRP recovery) on your phone. Else, CM 12 can be applied – do note that if you try to install the ROM without completing these operations first, you can end up in bricking your smartphone.

Now, currently CM12 shouldn’t be flashed for a daily use. The ROM has bugs, lags and numerous software problems. But, during the following days all these problems will be addressed and a stable version of Lollipop provided for your first gen of Motorola Moto G.

Then we will also bring a dedicated step by step guide in order to show you how to safely and quickly add Android 5.0 CM12 on your Android smartphone. So, there you have it; latest built of CyanogenMod is here and almost ready for your Moto G.

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  1. killtime says:

    So glad I picked up a 1st gen Moto G this past weekend. If you can live with the 8GB internal storage (no microsd slot) it’s the best low budget android phone for your $$. The dev community is outstanding for this device. Can’t wait for CM12.

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