Download Lineage 14.1 on your T-Mobile LG V20 (H918)

Only few peoples know about Lineage OS, but I am sure that things will soon change. You were most probably used to the CyanogenMod ROMs, but you can see that CyanogenMod ROMs are converted in the new name called Lineage OS, bringing the same features that you used to love over the years.

Lineage OS is CyanogenMod’s new avatar, and it’s doing a pretty decent job already – and it’s now available for the T-Mobile LG V20.

Now, your T-Mobile LG V20 (H918) handset is ready to go with Lineage OS. It is up to you to enjoy the open source and freedom coming along with it as soon as possible, not to mention the fact that Lineage OS 14.1 gives your device a sweet taste of Nougat (yes, Lineage OS 14.1 is based on Android Nougat).

Your LG V20 has its first unofficial port of the new OS, but be careful. This is an experimental and unofficial build of Lineage OS. There could be some serious bugs/issues with this ROM which may not be suitable for everyday usage. And let me be clear about the fact that the official builds for the device should be coming soon as the device was already supported by official nightly builds for CM14.1, so it’s just a matter of waiting.

But, if waiting isn’t your thing, you can now speed things up.

Before starting the procedure:

  • Install USB drivers for your device on your PC;
  • USB Debugging should be enabled on your device;
  • Be sure to back up your data including contacts, SMS / MMS, APN & MMS Settings as well as photos and videos stored on your device’s internal or external storage. This is not a waste of time, but your assurance that you will not lose any precious data;
  • Make sure that your device is well charged. Let me remind you that the battery level should be around 60-80%.

Important: Most custom ROMs do not have Google Apps in them. So, you will have to download and install GApps manually. This is though no reason for concern since I am here to guide you all the way. Despite of that, the big, bad wolf is still there and this procedure is far from a safe and simple one. Switching ROMs is often a pain, forcing you to lose all your app data and settings and to be extra careful. Make one mistake and your LG v20 (H918) could brick in a second. I am sure that this is not what you have planned.

Done with preliminary precautionary steps? So, here’s the guide:

Download Lineage 14.1 on your T-Mobile LG v20 (H918):

  1. Download the LineageOS ROM for your T-Mobile LG v20 from here;
  2. Also download Gapps from here;
  3. Copy the downloaded files to the internal storage of your device;
  4. Shut down your phone and then hold Volume Down and Power button simultaneously to boot into recovery;
  5. Once in TWRP, tap the Backup button and take a backup of your current ROM on an external SD card;
  6. Also wipe all data by pressing Wipe-> Advanced Wipe and selecting data, system, Dalvik, and cache;
  7. Return to the home page of the TWRP;
  8. There, you must tap on Install and navigate to the folder where you have copied the Lineage OS rom at a previous point;
  9. Select the Lineage OS rom zip file and then click on Add More Zip Files;
  10. You have to follow the same procedure once again, but choose the Gapps Zip File this time;
  11. Now, have patience until the procedure gets completed;
  12. Once completed, you have to reboot your LG device.

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