One Click Root Solution Available for Google Nexus 6

Nexus 6 was recently released along with stock Android 5.0 Lollipop OS. But like on any Android based smartphone, things can get better, even if we are talking about latest Android firmware and latest hardware performances.

How? Well, the easiest way for unleashing the full power of your Google Nexus 6 is by gaining root access. With root you can unlock the Android Lollipop OS and you can gain access to the internal system of your phone.

The best is that you can now easily root your smartphone by using a one click root solution. Chainfire just made available its highly popular CF-Auto-Root exploit, which can be safely used for unlocking your new Google Nexus 6.

This new release of CF-Auto-Root is especially designed for Android 5.0 as the new Lollipop OS comes pre installed with new security features, which makes KitKat compatible root methods useless for your Nexus 6 smartphone.

CF-Auto-Root is therefore providing a one click root solution for your new device that runs on stock Lollipop firmware. The root exploit can be easily used and managed; all you have to do is to download the package from here, install the same on your computer and run the root executable file for unlocking your Android Nexus device.

Do note, that before ensuring root, you need to backup your data, or else you might lose all of your personal data, info and accounts. Moreover, remember that this operation isn’t official and that by completing the same you will lose your phone’s warranty. After all, the unlock process should be considered risky and complex and should be applied only by advanced Android users.

If you are having problems in completing the unlock process, don’t hesitate and share your issues with us. We will then develop a dedicated tutorial in which to explain how to use CF-Auto-Root for your new Google Nexus 6.