Instagram Beta Released for Android and Available on Google Play

Instagram is one of the most used Android apps with over 300 million users per month. And if you are an Instagram enthusiast and you love using this app on your Android smartphone, it also means that you wait for new features and improvements for it, which could make your photo sharing experience with the world, easier and amazing.

Even though we can’t say Instagram for Android did improve or added features to the application, we can tell you that it just released a beta version of the app on Google Play. And who knows? Maybe there are potentially new features that would make our Instagram experience better.

Instagram made the announcement about the beta release on Twitter, on January 20th. Android Instagrammers were asked to try the app and give feedback, so they can improve the app. So, if you are a serious Instagrammer and you want to join the beta testing, you can do that with your Google Play account. However, keep in mind this is a serious testing and the beta release only addresses to users who really want to help improve the Android application, by trying out features that are in development and then give feedback to Instagram.

Also, before you download the beta version of Instagram for Android, you must know that the new software will replace your old version and the beta app may not work perfectly fine. You may run into bugs that need to be reported, in order to resolve the problem. You can also leave the testing program whenever you like and start using the regular Instagram again, by download it from the Playstore.

Trying the beta version can be exciting for Instagram enthusiasts because you can try out features before anyone else, so Android Instagrammers, are you thinking to join? Let us know and share your thoughts with us.