How to Take Advantage of HTC’s One M9 “Uh-oh” Trade-in/Replacement Service

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Is HTC’s “Uh-oh” trade-in/replacement service still a mystery for you, despite of being the new owner of a HTC One M9 handset?

Along with the device which is indeed an amazing choice, the company has also officially announced its Uh-oh Protection as a new guarantee that assures you of a free HTC One M9 replacement in the event of a cracked screen, water damage or the hassle of wanting to switch carriers.

It looks like this comes as a version of the current plan for replacing broken devices known as HTC Advantage. The new Uh-oh service provides not only six months, as offered by Advantage, but a full year of protection, which is much better, not to mention that the protection extends beyond the usual broken glass issue.

As I have told you from the start, the water damage support is included now, which is a pretty big deal as unfortunate accidents as this one take place all the time, not to mention that even support for switching carriers within the first year has been added as well.

However, what it happens if you don’t use any of these replacements? Well, in such a case, you can get no less than $100 towards the cost of a new HTC One device. I find this as an encouragement coming from the company for all those who already take in consideration the possibility of a transition to a possible HTC One M10 next year, but I like it.

In order to take advantage of this replacement overnight, as HTC claims that it is possible, there are a few things that you should know:

  • signing up for Uh Oh Protection is a necessary step for any new One M9 owner. You will be prompted to do so during initial setup by logging into your HTC account, but if you skipped this step, don’t think that it is too late. Feel free to visit HTC’s Uh Oh Protection landing page and take care of this aspect now;
  • if you have problems with your HTC One M9, all you need is a quick call to 866-449-8358 or a chat with HTC’s customer service reps online in order to guide you;
  • the idea is that you must offer up a credit card number for HTC and to put a $300 hold on. That it just for the case you’re trying to pull a fast one on them;
  • or you can also choose a more traditional replacement method where HTC sends your new smartphone out the moment they receive your damaged one.
  • in both these cases, don’t forget that the Uh-oh offer is US-only for the moment.

This is, without any doubt, a compelling package that covers some of the major worries of Android smartphone owners and yes, we don’t have the chance to enjoy a trade-in/replacement service as good as this one every day. Don’t hesitate to hit the comments area or to use the contact form and let me know whether this program influenced or not your buying decision from the start.

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