Sony Xperia S39h Images Leaked; Xperia Family Just Getting Bigger

Sony is putting on the table another Xperia model, internally know as S39h as the pictures below prove, this might be a high end smartphone device which will back up the newly launched Xperia Z. According to our source, the smartphone is going to be addressed for the Chinese market at first but without any clue of the official name. The pictures are the only proof for the existence of the smartphone, with no solid information about what’s inside, but looking at its appearance,  it seems to be in the Xperia Z area, so we have to expect for good hardware to value the big display.

Before going on and presenting the images, we must say that the S, M and L code names are old pattern for small, medium and large smartphones which are produced in China, while in North America we have spotted the C xxx model number structure, so even if the smartphone might look as it is aiming for high end area, the “S” code seems kind of strange. Maybe there is only a coincidence between S ( small ) and the code name used for this smartphone, because looking at the pictures, the whole idea doesn’t make any sense.


Anyway, let’s turn our attention to the actual device. It is clearly that the smartphone is part of Sony Xperia family, as the Xperia name is spotted on the back cover of the device. The name code can be seen clearly, with no other additional information, and beside that, we can figure out that the display is a little bit bigger than the 4.7 inch display of Xperia Z.

There are no physical buttons on the lower front face of the S39h, but we can clearly see the Volume Up and Down buttons and the Camera dedicated button on the right edge of the smartphone. On the left side there is a micro USB port and on the back side there is a huge audio speaker placed on the lower central part, next to “Xperia” inscription. Xperia S39h features a front facing camera and also a rear camera with LED Flash. Except for that information, we can see the place where the pictures were took, and it looks like the assembly line for the product, and we are expecting for specs to come very soon as the device already made us curious. I’ll leave you enjoy the pictures, telling us your expectations for the specs area!