How Galaxy S7 Edge Cooling System Works

The controlling heat remains an important focus for smartphone companies. There is already known the fact that using smartphones applications, playing games and videos requires the hardware to perform at high levels and this will generate heat. When the temperature reaches a certain point, the application processor (AP) decreases clock rates to prevent excessive heat build-up. Therefore, many companies have been conducted to discover a way to radiate heat from smartphone devices during use.

Owners of the S7 Edge don’t really need to worry about the cooling system (the complains about overheating are moderate) and this has an explanation. While many features of the Galaxy S7 Edge immediately capture the attention of customers, some of its features are so subtle that they often go unnoticed at first. The smartphone’s cooling system is such an example, so don’t decline my invitation to find out more about it.

The Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge was designed to optimize the cooling system from the start, coming with a new approach. The water is not housed in a special place, but it flows through some heat pipes. These are some sort of tubes that ensure both the processor and memory of the S7 Edge are cooled. To be more precise, it seems that the flat heat pipes have a tiny amount of water inside them which converts to steam near the processor and carries the heat to the other end when it cools down. The procedure repeats and this spreads the heat around the handset instead of letting it accumulate around the CPU/GPU.

Some say that there is a small possibility that your phone could be damaged and the cooling system with it. This could pose a water damage risk to your phone’s internals. I know that you might be thinking of the fact that the handset is indeed water resistant, but keep in mind that this only applies to water that comes from outside of the phone. However, be sure that Samsung thought about this possibility too and is clear about the fact that there are no risks from this point of view.

So, there is a company which managed to launch a smartphone that minimizes excessive heat from the device which causes discomfort to users. Let me know what you think of this technology in the comments area from below

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