How to Fix Galaxy S9 Plus Bluetooth Connection when driving

A large number of leaks and rumors surrounding the Galaxy S9 series have been common among tech lovers for a long time. This clearly made the Galaxy S9 Plus one of the most expected devices of 2018. And you cannot deny that most tech critics have asserted the Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus model as one of the best smartphones available in the market today, but like most smartphones, it isn’t ideal.

Connecting the smartphone with car via Bluetooth should be simple for the new owners of the device, yet the repeated Bluetooth errors prove quite the contrary. My advice for you is to read through to find out the steps to fix Bluetooth connection between this device and your car. The addition of Bluetooth 5.0 to the Galaxy S9 Plus means getting the best, so what’s the matter with all these Bluetooth problems?

Lucky for you, the problems are nothing more than software-specific , so there are a few things you can do yourself to fix the Galaxy S9 Plus Bluetooth issues:

How to Fix Galaxy S9 Plus Bluetooth Connection with the Car:

  • First of all, try something basic such as toggling Bluetooth on and off:
  1. From the home screen of your Galaxy S9 Plus, head over to the Settings;
  2. Open the Connections – Bluetooth;
  3. Here you must turn off the toggle;
  4. Repeat the steps to switch it back on.
  • Unpair and pair again, especially if you have used a service such as Samsung Smart Switch to sync your Bluetooth profiles. I can only say that deleting the paired profiles and pairing them again could be the key, so here’s what you have to do:
  1. From the home screen of your Galaxy S9 Plus, head over to the Settings;
  2. Tap on Bluetooth;
  3. If you find device name, tap on it;
  4. Select Unpair option to delete the device;
  5. Then, it’s time to tap again on the device name to pair again.
  • Older cache files and Bluetooth files imported from other devices can sometimes lead to such Bluetooth module issue. Fortunately, there is an easy way to deal with this by clearing out the cache of the Bluetooth app:
  1. Switch on your S9 Plus smartphone;
  2. Select the app icon from your phones home screen;
  3. Tap on the Settings icon;
  4. Search the application manager;
  5. To display all the opens swipe to the left or right;
  6. Tap on the Bluetooth app;
  7. Select forcefully stop option;
  8. Clear the applications cache;
  9. Ensure you have cleared Bluetooth data;
  10. Tap OK;
  11. Don’t hesitate to restart the smartphone to keep the changes.
  • A full system reset might be your last resort to fixing the problem if it’s triggered by a more complex error in the phone system. So, be brave and back up your data, then use this guide to complete the procedure: How to Hard Reset Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus.

If this tips helped you in any way, let others know about this guide too.

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