Most Useful Photography Apps for Android

Do you want more from your phone’s camera? New Android apps are coming out all the time that add more and more functionality, so why not taking advantage of that?

In fact, I think that all photographers have more options than ever before when it comes to getting the best of their photos on the Android devices they own, so here I am to help them by detailing the most useful Android photography apps that are currently available on Google Play.

With tons of apps to help you make the most of the camera you have, that let you take, edit, and share better photos, choosing is not that easy. That is why in this list I’ll explore some of the best photography apps for Android and I am sure that you will discover here just what you are looking for.

Most Useful Photography Apps for Android:

If you want a simple photo editor, use Lidow: layout snap mirror grid

Why should you choose Lidow? This is a fun photo-editing app that eliminates any sort of complications. To be more precise, it saves you of all that time spend to discover millions of options, filters and settings and it still gives you the best.

I won’t hide the fact that this app is less complex than many of the other photo editing apps, but that’s actually its charm. You still get an interesting set of easy-to-use features that can be applied in seconds such as layout/grid/collage, color splash, mirror effect; overlay: gradient color, texture, flare, special filter effect, make photo magical, you can adjust brightnest, contrast, saturation and even save your photo on phone and share it to Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and more.



Lidow can be taken from here.

Take the best portrets with Cymera

Even though you can use Cymera for any type of photo, it does an amazing job especially at portraits. You can take photos directly within the app or import them from your gallery, and then, Cymera offers seven amazing lenses and four different recording modes to instantly improve your snaps.



The story gets even better with all the included decorations, portrait features, an impressive Collage feature to combine your photos into one story, no less than 100 filters, lights, borders and vignette to maximize photo effects and more. However, a major downside of the app is the banner displayed on the bottom of the screen.

Download Cymera by entering here.

Organize pictures of your children growing up with an app known as Lifecake

Here’s an app that can be used to turn your Android phone into a time machine! This is your chance to have photos and videos sorted by your child’s age, you can combine your photos and your partner’s ones in order, as well as import Dropbox, Facebook and Google+ photos and enjoy them all in a timeline free from the adverts that clutter and destroy the fun of most social media channels.



Even more, you can skip to select stages and compare different dates and even decide who can see your images and who cannot. And don’t forget that Lifecake is now a Canon company, so don’t hesitate to order a printed album of your amazing photos.

Here’s where you can find Lifecake.

Preserve Old Photos to your Android Smartphone with Heirloom

Who doesn’t have albums full of print photographs gathering dust? Heirloom is a special app that will make those photos live again using your smartphone’s camera. The most used method to digitally catalog print photos used to require a desktop scanner. However, things have changed thanks to this technology introduced in Heirloom.



The app is minimalistic in design, pictures can be cropped, rotated and there are even a few filters to add, so what better way than this one for scanning, storing, and then sharing print photos than this one?

Here’s how it works.

Create your own stunning photography VSCO Cam

Is photography your life? Connect with amazing photographers from around the world, find inspiration from other users and take the best photos ever. Unlike other social platforms, your followers and clout are not displayed, giving everyone the chance to enjoy an equal creative playing field.



Available for Android 4.0+ devices, the app provides top performance features, including high resolution imports, before and after comparisons to show how you built up your edit, not to mention the various thumbnail sizes allow for a customizable image browsing experience or that Exposure, Crop, Temperature, Contrast, Straighten, Fade, Vignette, and more which allow you to refine your results.

Take it for free from here.