Improve Copy & Paste Functions on Android with Clipboard Actions

Are you looking for a way to improve the Copy & Paste Functions on Android? You know that back in 2012, Google introduced new cut, copy, paste, select all buttons with Ice Cream Sandwich and Jelly Bean and things have changes a lot over the years, but not even Marshmallow doesn’t offer what many of us have in mind.

So, there’s still a long waiting time in front of us.

Now, it takes ages to copy & paste something, but things are about to change. Well, a new app known as Clipboard Actions is the one bringing the change as it waits until you copy any text, then pops up with a notification that allows you to perform quick actions such as searching the text, calling a number, finding an address and much more.

Don’t you want to give it a try? I am sure that you do, so here’s the procedure:

How to Improve Copy & Paste Functions on Android with Clipboard Actions:

  1. Clipboard Actions can be taken right away by accessing the following link;
  2. Install it on your handset with no hesitation;
  3. Setup is not complicated, so for the start, verify that the “Clipboard Service” option at the top of the screen is enabled;
  4. Review some of the actions you’ll be able to perform when you select some text;
  5. The clipboard actions can be selectively disabled, but my advice is not to do that, at least not yet. Leave them all turned on as they show up only when they’re relevant;
  6. Now, you must simply highlight some text in any app on your device;
  7. Up next, choose “Copy” from the context menu;
  8. At that moment, a notification will appear with relevant actions that you can perform with the text in your clipboard;
  9. For example, if you copy an address, you’ll get a button for quick directions.

Has this Clipboard Actions app managed to improve the copy and paste experience on your Android device? Tell me what you think of it by using the comments area from below or the contact form. In any case, I’d love to hear from you!

And be sure that you can do much more with your Android device and the best apps installed on it: