Silently Monitor your Child with Android PhoneSheriff

I am sure of the fact that you want the best for your child. Do you want to monitor your childrens’ Android phone usage everywhere they go?

PhoneSheriff is an app that lets you do much more than knowing what your child does on the phone, but you can also get alerts for things like when the child leaves a designated geofenced location, it lets you monitor not only calls and texts, but also emails and app’s usage.

Keeping an eye on things is not a bad thing, but a necessary one these days. With a little help from the sheriff, you can eliminate your children’s exposure to unwanted interactions and find out about any dangers in time.

The whole interface is clean and easy to use, but I must warn you that installing PhoneSheriff is not as easy as you might expect. Do not worry; I’ve got you covered:

Silently Monitor your Child with PhoneSheriff:

  1. Take the app from here; note that you can’t take it from Google Play, but the app can only be bought through the company’s site;
  2. Then, access an Android download file from the phone you’re trying to monitor, installing the service on that device;
  3. Go back to the Web-based admin panel to finish setup;
  4. PhoneSheriff lets you review every app on your child’s phone, letting you block or approve them; also set filters that limit what your child can see when browsing, though the app doesn’t include a special browse;
  5. Do you want to see every text that your child sends or receives? The app makes it possible, along with other data such as who the recipient or sender was and you can even choose to set a daily text limit;
  6. You can easily check your child’s location history with PhoneSheriff, receiving updates in about 30 minutes;
  7. PhoneSheriff encourages children to check-in from their current location; as a parent, you will get an email and that location appears on a map in the PhoneSheriff app;
  8. Even more, the app can be sued to locate a phone, giving you the chance to lock and wipe it remotely if that’s the case;
  9. What’s bad about this app? Well, for some it might be too much to manage, so the app can become overwhelming. It can be difficult to see what’s been allowed, what’s been blocked, who your child is texting and what sites the child is visiting. And some think that it’s too expensive!

This app gives you a way to silently monitor your child and make sure they aren’t getting into trouble, so do you think that its $89.97 price tag (covering up to three devices) is too much? I don’t know what about you, but I think that its generous set of features and service are worthy of both your attention and interest.

And be sure of the fact that the PhoneSheriff is ideal not only for monitoring the devices of your child, but also for keeping an eye on seniors who may be prone to falling for online scams or who tend to dial the wrong number way too often.

You can also Use Android Ignore No More and keep in touch with your child.