Get Motivated to Run with Android Pumatrac

You already know how important is to exercise, but let’s admit that sometimes you are not in the mood or simply don’t have the time to the gym. Is there any solution for this situation? I’m thinking of an amazing exercise that you can do without having to pay a monthly fee or go to the gym: running.

And your beloved Android smartphone can provide you all the help that you need to keep track of your run and your progress. Well, of course that you also need an app installed and Pumatrac seems to be a great run tracking tool that you could try on.

This app gets you motivated to run and it also makes sure that you do in correctly. To be more precise, it encourages you to get outside and discover ways to get the most out of a workout as it records the distance you’ve run, it maps your run track, records calories burned and more.

Then, Pumatrac also records a various other things, such as weather, time of day, month and more. Like that, you’ll never be surprised and unprepared for the outside conditions and you’ll know when the best time for running really is. Then, the app provides a run score to describe the quality of your run, which you can view over time and compare with other runners and it generates other personalized info based on your running behavior, noting whether you run further when listening to a certain type of music, if Fridays or Mondays are your best days or if you simply prefer weekends and more.

Do you feel too lonely into this? Well, you are not as long as the app encourages you to share your running routes with friends or give theirs a try. And don’t forget to tell the world about best runs on the new Social Leaderboard.

So, the app accurately records your runs, is simple and easy to use and also lets you share to your friends the map of your routes that you ran, so it seems to be the complete package. Do you think the same?

The app is waiting for you here, so grab it and give it a try!

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