How to Hard Reset Moto X

The Motorola Moto X is an ideal choice, as Moto X primarily aimed at all those who want to take advantage of voice recognition and contextual awareness, also being ready to experience the interesting Moto Maker feature. Do you also want to learn how to hard reset your Motorola Moto X?

A hard reset, also known as a factory reset is recommended in all cases when you can’t manage to properly use your handset. So, in case of considering that the bloatware or some virus has affected your smartphone, or if the displays freezes and the device doesn’t work as good as before, the factory reset is the answer to your problems.

Moreover, a factory reset helps you when it comes to fixing your bricked Motorola Moto X. We know that installing a custom recovery image, flashing a custom kernel, or gaining root access might sound more than interesting, but things like that happen sometimes.

Essential tip: in order to learn how to properly use your Android smartphone, also learn how to enter recovery mode on Motorola Moto X.

And if your device gets stuck in a boot loop, we suggest one more to perform a hard reset and your Moto X will go back to normal. This procedure might be indeed presented as a safe one, but don’t you imagine that there are no preparatory steps to take in consideration:

Preparatory steps:

  • You should save anything that you consider as being important to you and here we are talking about contacts list, call logs, market apps, text messages, personal info and more; you know that such a backup can be easily completed as you have the possibility to choose from numerous backup and restore apps from Google Play; but the factory reset won’t affect the data from your memory card, this is a safe place for your info as well;
  • This guide will work with all Motorola’s Moto X versions, but this is the only handset that has been tested, so we strongly advice you not to try it on any other model;
  • Your Motorola Moto X has to be 70% charged or more if you want to successfully hard reset it;
  • A hard reset operation is not something that can be undone, so be sure that this is what you really want for your Motorola Moto X and only perform a hard reset if absolutely necessary, not for fun or curiosity. And more important, be sure that you know what you are doing. So, if you have never done anything like that before, think twice before proceeding.

And finally, we want to remind you that the responsibility of everything that might happened is yours and not ours; we are here to help you, to guide and to present this tutorial in the easier manner possible, but the rest is all up to you. So, is there any chance to find out that this factory resetting ended up by bricking your Moto X phone? You’ll be surprised that it can actually do that in case of not following all the steps properly:

How to Hard Reset your Motorola Moto X (by using Stock Recovery Image):

  1. Enter your Moto X in Recovery mode;
  2. After doing that, select ‘Wipe data factory reset’ from the Main recovery menu by using Volume Down or Volume Up to scroll down or up and then by pressing the Power button;
  3. Wait a few moments until being sure that factory reset has been properly applied;
  4. Now you must select ‘Reboot system now’ and your job done is already over.

You have just learned how to easily hard reset your Motorola Moto X, but don’t forget to check out other posts that we have prepared for you. Moto X isn’t the only handset that can take advantage of such a factory reset operation, but more tutorials are waiting to be discovered!

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