Set Up Fingerprint Sensor on your Pixel 3 XL

Google Inc. launched its Pixel and Pixel XL smartphones at the “Made by Google” event and people received them both very well. These handsets, more than any other Google-designed phone before them, are a true example of what sophisticated software can do when the hardware it runs on is improved, so good for you! The decision of becoming the owner of one of them is nothing else but an inspired one!

However, once you get your hands on either the Pixel or the Pixel XL, there are plenty of features you can enable for your new smartphone. This includes the Fingerprint Sensor on your Pixel 3 XL since yes, like many other Android smartphones these days, yours also comes with a fingerprint scanner, found on the rear of the device.

This lets you unlock your device with your fingerprint, approve Play Store purchases and easily get access to notifications, so let me show you how to set it up and how to do all these:

How to Set Up Fingerprint Sensor on your Pixel 3 XL:

  1. From a Home screen, you have to touch and swipe up to display all apps;
  2. Then, navigate to the Settings app icon Security > Pixel Imprint;
  3. You are now asked to enter the current PIN, password, or pattern. If you haven’t done so already, you will first need to set up a lock screen PIN, password or pattern , so go to Add fingerprint and select the finger you want to use and touch it against the scanner;
  4. On the Let’s start screen, place your finger on the sensor until it vibrates then lift;
  5. Continue pressing the sensor several times until it shows completed;
  6. Tap Done or choose Add another to add another fingerprint.

Now, in order to buy apps and games, you already know that the Play Store requires a password every time you buy an app or game. Anyway, you may just choose to use your fingerprint to approve such purchases, so open the Google Play app, select Settings and tick the box next to Fingerprint authentication. Your first purchase on the Play Store will indeed require your password, but all further purchases will be approved via your fingerprint only.

To access your notifications, go to Settings > Moves > enable Swipe for notifications and the problem will be solved in no time.

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