Easily Turn Off Note 8 Notification LED

Just like the Galaxy S8, Galaxy S8+ and most of Samsung’s other smartphones, the Galaxy Note 8 ships with a front-facing LED indicator. I am sure that you have already noticed the Galaxy Note 8 notification LED light that blinks on the top of the phone. Samsung’s smartphones are user-friendly with tons of customization and advanced controls.

The notification LED on Samsung phones provides quick information without turning on the screen. To be more precise, it blinks for incoming notifications, alerts, missed calls and not only, so it’s presence isn’t in vain.

Some accepted that Galaxy Note 8 ships with a front-facing LED indicator that illuminates whenever you receive a notification or your battery is running low, but not all users. However, there’s more to know about it. There’s no denying the fact it’s a useful feature to have, but you are the one who must always decide.

Just like the Always-On display, the blinking notification LED light is very distracting at times. Whether you’re in a movie theater and want it turned off, or just don’t like it, here’s how to get rid of it.

Note: The notification LED setting also controls the LED when the phone is charging. The Galaxy Note 8 phablet displays a red, orange or green LED while the phone is on the charger. If you choose to turn it off, and you won’t know when your phone is fully charged. Because the battery charging status LED and notification LED is one setting, you can’t choose one or the other. It’s all or nothing with Samsung smartphones.

Easily Turn Off Note 8 Notification LED:

  1. Tap the gear-shaped Settings button in the notification bar (or find Settings in the app tray);
  2. Select Display;
  3. Now, it’s time to locate LED Indicator;
  4. Uncheck or turn off the switch to solve the problem for good.

If you want to turn it back on, just follow the footsteps described before, and Enable the LED indicator.

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