SoundHound can Identify Music Even if Someone Sings or Hums it

If music is your life, there is no way not to know what SoundHound is and what it can offer you. I don’t say that there are not various music recognition apps to choose from, but now I want to tell you more about one that has over 50 million downloads and so many positive reviews that I cannot even count!

SoundHound is the one that I told you about from the start and I bet that you will love it. The flexibility of this app has made it so much popular. This Android app can identify music even if someone sings or hums it, so it is perfect if you simply cannot remember the lyrics of a song that obsesses you. The app listens and quickly recognizes what’s playing by tapping into an enormous music database spanning millions of artists all over the world.

The point is that live lyrics and play full songs or videos are at your convenience with SoundHound’s music player.

The app features quick sound recognition, hands-free mode (“Ok Hound”), live lyrics, as well as videos. SoundHound also has its own widget which removes the hassle of using the app every time to search for a song. As for that special “OK Hound…”, it lets you access playlists such as: emerging artists across the globe, your personal SoundHound music history, the best tracks in the US and across the world too, new songs this week, songs you have favorite, most popular songs of the week, as well as playlists saved on your device.

The ability to share the song with friends is also a major bonus, just as the fact that this app comes with its own playlists, daily and weekly updates and an organized playlist to choose and move on and an intuitive interface making it very user friendly, so what else can you want? SoundHound Music Search can be grabbed from here, so don’t waste any more time and find out the name of that song that keeps haunting you.

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