Use Qustodio for Families to Manage Multiple Android Users

I am back at the Parental-Control chapter. If you want to manage multiple users and enjoy detailed text and call logs, I have a great Android solution for you. Have you ever used Qustodio for Families? This Android app packs almost all the features that a parent could ask from such an app and here I have more details.

First of all, the monitoring texts feature of this app is essential with the admin panel easily displaying who your child talks to and texts with the most. You can see who sent your child a message or who your child texted and as if this wouldn’t be enough, you can even find the content of SMS and MMS messages on the parental portal. Do you think that it’s time to take action? Then, don’t hesitate to block texters and callers directly from the screen where you review text and call logs.

Are you worried about the time that your child spends using a certain app? Qustodio lets you set time limits on an individual app, not just block it from the start, in order to make him responsible. For example, you can set time frames — such as 20 minutes only on a certain day of the week, as well as other time limits.

Then, as I’ve told you from the start, the app makes it easy to manage filters for multiple users. This is great for families with more children to monitor (to be more precise, the app gives you the possibility to monitor up to five devices). Qustodio also has a panic-button feature that’s activated inside the app or via your kid’s headphones. Click the controls three times, and Qustodio texts an alert to up to three trusted contacts.

Qustodio can also provide a history of locations, but sadly, this doesn’t include geofence, block usage or receive an alert when the child’s device is outside a specific range. All that you can enjoy is receiving an alert when your child changes his location and to be honest, I must warn you about a delay of about five minutes. And you should also know the fact that new apps don’t appear in the admin panel until they’ve been used on the phone. And you might find it strange that a blocked app can be opened, but do not worry: it cannot be used under any circumstances.

Qustodio is relatively easy to set up and it can be taken by accesing this direct link. However, I must admit the fact that the app is not extremely cheap at $45 a year and its location-tracking features are indeed limited, but otherwise, it’s one of the best options out there. And you can also try the free option which lets you gain control over one Android device.