Sidechef – the Perfect Kitchen Aide in the Form of An Android App

Do you know that your Android device can be the perfect kitchen aide? This is possible thanks to all those amazing apps that will help you find tasty recipes, find more about the best ingredients, keep grocery list and find many other kitchen secrets and Sidechef is one of the best examples at this chapter.

With an app such as SideChef, you will never get lost in the kitchen or feel that you’ve run out of ideas. In fact, cooking can be fun and easy with the right help, so this is your chance to learn all about cooking so that you would not be intimidated standing in the middle of the kitchen with no direction.

To be more precise, the Android app comes with no less than 1000 step-by-step recipes and it features step by step photos, instructions, search and browse by ingredient, keyword, diet, cuisine, or interest and even voice commands as long as the app responds to voice commands for hands-free cooking.

You also get integrated timers, shopping lists and the chance to browse recipes or to add to cookbook or rate recipes and upload your photos, so don’t you imagine that the app is only recommended to novice cooks; quite the opposite, it can also help intermediate and advanced cooks share their own creations and become better at what they do.

And I must also tell you about a feature of this app known as My Table which keeps a photo journal of everything that you have cooked, so you’ll never forget or mix your best recipes.

Whether you are preparing for a large holiday dinner, or you are just in a mood of trying out something new, this app is there for you. Forget about wondering where you wrote down grandma’s recipe or what recipe site you’ve used ages ago. SideChef is all that you need. In fact, I can say that learning to cook is no longer an intimidating experience, so give a try to this app by entering here.

Isn’t this the app that you are looking for? Then, here you can find another guide that lets you Discover The Best Android Food Apps available on Google Play, with apps that can help you manage your diet, guide you to find healthy food when you eat out, receive professional help and much more! And don’t forget that you can also Learn to Order Food from Google Search on Android.

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