Gallery KK – a great Gallery Application for Android users

We don’t tend to put many gallery apps on the spotlight, as most of them bring nothing new. Besides that, I know that many of you claim to be happy with Google Photos, but if that service is not to your liking, then there are some great options waiting for you! Don’t you know where or how to find them?

I might be able to help you with that as long as I know that there are many gallery apps that can take a better care of your photos which will always be neatly organized by categories and kept in perfect order.

Gallery KK is such an example and even if it simply started out as an ersatz version of the gallery on Android KitKat, it eventually evolved into much more than that. Now, that’s a great gallery application for Android users. I must tell you from the start that this app is recommended to Nexus or Android One devices that have lost the classic gallery app with the last upgrade to Lollipop (Android 5.0) and even though the list is limited at this point, the developers claim to be working on the compatibility issue to make the app support more devices.

The app’s minimalist interface keeps the focus on images, and it works flawless, so its popularity has mostly to do with its simplicity and speed – points where it has only a few real competitors.

Gallery KK comes with a photo tagger, a basic photo editor which provides high quality photo editing, a few exclusive filters (thermal & mosaic), as well as Crop, Straighten, Rotate, Mirror, Draw and more cool effects. To this list I want to add the ability to trim videos (and mute them), as well as to play animated GIFs. If you want to go even further back from KitKat, this developer also made Gallery ICS which is okay if you want something basic, but necessary ideal in these days.

However, I have a different issue that you should also know about. The story is pretty much the same: it seems that ads help developers make money and keep working on improving and adding new features to the app and Gallery KK is full of ads that might bug you. If you prefer a cleaner experience, you can remove the ads with an in-app purchase (“Remove ads”).

Take the Gallery KK from here.

If you still feel more comfortable with the old gallery (Android 4.0), you can download “Gallery ICS (classic version)” for free from here, but I don’t know how to say it… Don’t you think that it’s time to move on?

Do not hesitate to contact us or the developers at if you have any issue.

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