Keep Track of what your Kids do with SecureTeen Parental Control

Do you use any Android parental control apps? What do you think of such a choice? Do you think that they really provide a safer mobile environment for kids or are they nothing more than just a waste of time and possibly money? Before answering to that, keep on reading.

I know that you must agree with me on the fact that the internet is a fantastic source of information, but can you say that this is the same for everyone? You might enjoy the unlimited access to all this information and you are wise enough to know what to do with it, but what about your children? I have received numerous requests from parents looking for solutions to make sure that their kids’ Android devices are safe to use.

SecureTeen Parental Control is a free service that gives you the possibility to keep track of what your kids do on their Android device. In order for this app to work, you must install it on the device that your child uses and here’s how you can see what your son or daughter does on the Internet, what apps he or she installs, block various contents, track their location, monitor calls, and texts, and much more.

After all, SecureTeen is an app that brings you a complete parental control app which addresses your worries by filtering your children’s online activities and giving you the chance to:

  • closely monitor all SMS/MMS sent and received from child device, as well as all call details; with kids doing most of their communicating through texts these days, this feature is more than welcomed;
  • set a schedule of your child’s phone or tablet usage;
  • can this app keep a log of where your child has been — and more importantly — give you the ability to locate your children in an emergency situation? Yes, you can track their location and make sure that they are in no danger and following your rules;
  • choose to block all inappropriate content;
  • shut down any app that you think that your child should stop using;
  • use Web History Logs to stay informed when it comes to your child’s online activity;
  • monitor all Instagram activity and track all Facebook activity. You will receive alerts for suspicious friends and posts and interfere before being too late.

SecureTeen lets you do it all remotely through an online control panel created especially for parents as you, so don’t hesitate to give a try to this app. This waits for you on Google Play, so use this download link right away!

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