Set Auto Reply Messages for Rejected Phone Calls on LG G3

Do you find the idea of setting auto reply messages for rejected phone calls on your LG G3 as being tempting? We totally understand that.

If your LG G3 device rings when it is simply impossible to answer, but you don’t want to be impolite and reject the call, there is this option that we have told you about that could work in your favor.

Yes, you can simply set your phone to send a message with your call rejection to let the person who’s looking for you to know t that he is not ignored, but you are in a meeting, or you have signal problems and so on, but you’ll later return the call.

And let’s not forget that LG gives you the chance to set up your own personalized message.

What do you feel about the idea? Do you feel like trying it? Then, here’s what you need to do to in order set up your own messages:

How to Set Auto Reply Messages for Rejected Phone Calls on your LG G3:

  1. For the beginning, you must enter into the main Settings app on your LG G3 phone;
  2. Tap on “Call”;
  3. Scroll down and tap on “Decline with message”;
  4. Here you can find a bunch of pre-loaded messages including various reasons why you can’t talk right now. If you have no inspiration, you can choose one of these messages, or you can choose to be original and create your own one;
  5. To edit one of these messages, tap on it and change the text before hitting the “Save” button;
  6. To add your own message, just hit the “+” button at the top right, write it and then hit “Save” as well;
  7. Next time you get a call when you can’t answer, you just have to hit the “Decline with message” and the things will work just as they have been planned.
  8. All the options in your list of messages will be shown in order to select the one that you want; make your choice and the message will be sent to your caller.


It wasn’t at all hard, was it? And we have much more tutorial about this impressive LG G3 handset, the best ones that can be used, so don’t hesitate to find out more from here. As for any other question you might have regarding this flagship, the comments area is waiting for you and so are we!


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