Enjoy the Most Recent and Sporting News with SportsCenter

Stay connected with your favorite sports with the best apps for Android that take your passion very seriously! Formerly known as SportsCenter, the ESPN app is a great example for that as it brings you the most recent and sporting news and information worldwide.

The ESPN app is a very competent sporting news solution that is held back only by the incompetent app design. excepting this problem, whether you’re looking for updated scoring information, breaking news for various teams and leagues or professional analysis, the ESPN Android app has everything that you have in mind.

The amazing SportsCenter provides over 100 podcasts, regional ESPN radio stations, as well as articles and even live broadcast channels such as Longhorn Network, ESPN1, ESPN2, SEC Network, ESPNU, and many other channels through WatchESPN, depending on your provider and your current TV package. The app also provides you with stories of your favorite leagues and teams in a news feed that is tailored to your preferences. Just choose your top leagues and teams and you’ll get all the details you want.

The fact that can always customize a list of favorite teams, allowing the app to provide a personalized sports news experience for all athletes you care about is once again a major advantage, if you don’t want to keep on looking through news that don’t interest you!

Things look great so far, but there is something else that you should also know about this app. I am thinking of those intrusive ads and virtually always-online requirement are though some major negative elements that you need to take in consideration before taking it. But if you are already used to the idea that apps needs ads, then think of the fact that you have a live streaming channels wherever you are.

Grab the SportsCenter app from here.

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