Use Hide SMS and Call Recorder for Android

Are you worried about your privacy? Then, I bet that you are looking for a way to hide private SMS text messages and to make sure that no one can discover your sensitive call recording.

Using apps such as Hide SMS and Call Recorder for Android can be the answer to your searches as long as it can lock contacts, protect call logs, hide SMS, and record calls secretly without leaving any trace behind.

Therefore, add a plus of security on your Android smartphone / tablet and protect your personal data, info and accounts easily by using dedicated Android Apps from Google Play. Also, keep everything updated and always choose the best tools for your own needs.

Use Hide SMS and Call Recorder for Android:

  1. Take Hide SMS and Call Recorder for Android from here;
  2. Install it on your device;
  3. After that, you will have to choose between password, PIN, or pattern;
  4. You can start securing your communication details such as contacts, call logs, text messages, and others;
  5. Don’t hesitate to import private contacts in the app to ensure their protection. For that, log into the app, tap on the contacts icon, tap the + sign at the top right, and choose the contacts that you desire to secure;
  6. No details of incoming or outgoing calls on the secured contacts can be seen from the call logs. You can be sure that the app deletes any sign of a dialed or received calls to and from secured contacts outside the application. All that you can view is your communication history related to the secured contacts from within the app’s interface;
  7. Also send and receive text messages using the app and be sure of the fact that all of your SMS will remain secret;
  8. Do you want to record phone conversations with your secret contacts? Then, use the Auto call recording in secure mode and make sure that these recordings are well secured in the application. You can also listen to these call recordings from within the app’s interface;
  9. Don’t forget about the Stealth Mode which manages to hide your application’s icon, so that no one is able to discover the application. As for you, just dial *9999 to launch the app. You can easily turn on this feature by enabling it from the settings menu;
  10. If someone tries to get access to your confidential communication details, the front camera of the phone captures a picture of that person, so you will find out who tried to access your private data.

So, with the help of this app, text message privacy will no longer be a concern, not to mention that call logs are truly secure.

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