How to Learn Algebra with DragonBox Algebra 12+

Developing math confidence is not an easy thing to do, especially when we are talking about children. However, as you can imagine, I want to tell you more about a special Android app that will most probably help you at this chapter as I am aware of the fact that the idea of a tutor is not the most inspired choice in all cases.

How could an Android app help you? Dr. Patrick Marchal, Ph.D. in cognitive science, and Jean-Baptiste Huynh, a high school teacher have thought about an interactive and efficient way to learn algebra and this is how DragonBox Algebra 12+ appeared.

Have you ever heard of this app or used it? Let me tell you that DragonBox Algebra 12+ is an app designed for anyone around the age of 12 or older and believe it or not, it can successfully create an environment for kids where they can learn and even get used to and end up enjoying math.

How could this be possible? Hundreds of puzzles and many different learning exercises broken down into simple terms will make your child feeling in a game! Howevevr, the truth is that the app covers the essential algebraic concepts such as: Addition, Division, Multiplication, Parentheses, Positive and Negative signs, Addition of Fractions, Collection of Like Terms, Factorization, as well as Substitution.

Children have the chance to learn how to solve equations in a playful game environment where they are encouraged to be creative. By manipulating cards and trying to isolate the DragonBox on one side of the game board, the child learns the operations required to isolate X on one side of an equation. Little by little, the cards are replaced with numbers and variables, revealing the math behind the game.

How can the little ones know that they are not making any mistakes? Well, the interesting part of this app is that they receive instant feedback which differs a lot from what you are used to get from any other traditional classroom.

Even more, despite of the fact that this app usually targets children from the ages of 12 to no more than 17, I have to tell you that there is nothing stopping you from enjoying it as well. Playing doesn’t require supervision, but what do you say about giving it a try too? You just need a few minutes for playing along with your children and see that mathematics is all about objects and the relationships between objects.

Take DragonBox Algebra 12+ by accessing this direct Google Play link.

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