Use Norton Family Premier and protect your Android device

Are you looking for a parental-control app in order to keep an eye on your child’s Android device? Do you have more children? Let me tell you from the start that Norton Family Premier is worthy of your attention. If you want to know what your little ones are up to on their mobile devices, be sure of the fact that Norton Family Premier is an excellent parental-control tool that waits to be used.

Do you need some help to get started? Then, don’t hesitate to use Norton’s age-based recommendations to start the process, then make all the necessary modifications. Yes, you can set up age-appropriate profiles on Norton Family Premier and you will see that it is easier than ever to port them across multiple Android devices.

First of all, be sure of the fact that the Web filters in Norton Family Premier can keep your children away from any inappropriate websites and it’s also very easy to set times for when it’s OK to use an Android phone.

Norton Family Premier is simply flawless when it comes to its location tracking. With the help of the Web portal, parents can find out where their kids are in less than a minute. This is why I strongly consider that Norton’s best feature is none other than its location-tracking capabilities, which give you an accurate info of where your children and their Android devices are. You can also place a limit on how much time the child can use the device, but to be honest, this feature could have been improved as long as you cannot limit times for specific apps and you don’t have the chance to restrict access at certain locations, but this is definitely better than nothing.

And another negative aspect is that the app does not let you block your child from making or receiving calls and you cannot block specific callers either. This is rather strange as long as Norton lets you add contacts of whom the child may call when the device is locked, but you know that you cannot have it all!

Despite of that, the other included features make this app a great choice for parents who want to make sure that their children are safe all the time. If you agree with me, don’t hesitate to install Family Premier on your Android device with $50 annual fee covering up to 10 devices.

And be happy that you own an Android device. The Android version of Norton Family Premier is more fully featured than the very same iOS version. Android has no restrictions, while Apple is known for severely managing its mobile devices, so enjoy!

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