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You already know that social media is cluttered with noise from irrelevant info, not to mention all the marketing strategy and the hidden sales agendas, so what do you want to do about all these? Have you ever thought about using one of those content curation apps that everyone talks about? If not, trust me when I say that it’s time for a change as they can give you what you want!

The answer is as simple as it can be: you should try out Google News & Weather which has become one of my favorite news apps of all times. I am saying that as long as the app got them covered and it does that in a manner that you will love as you get a personalized view of headline stories and local news & weather.

Google News & Weather features a card-based interface and offers more than 65,000 publication, has support for the country-wise edition, supports various news categories that you might be interested about, not to mention that it even offers local news and it does so by accessing your location.

Yes, I know that some of you might be thinking on the fact that News & Weather has been there on stock Android devices for a long time and has nothing new to offer, but don’t be fooled by appearances. A year and a half ago it was revamped into a modern app and released to the Google Play Store, so trust me when I say that it can be what you are looking for.

And if all that I have told you about it is not enough, then what do you think of its ”Suggested for you” section? By using it, you have the possibility to select the type of news you would like to see and it will only offer the news that you might find interesting. You just have to be patient and spend some time in the beginning telling it what you like and what you are not interested about and then it will turn out to be one of the most intuitive news apps that you can find.

The app apparently learns as you go and I have no doubts that this is one the best apps for staying informed in an efficient way. Do you want to follow my advice and give it a try too?

Head over this direct link and grab the app for your Android device.

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