Enjoy XNSPY, the Mobile Spy App that you need on your Android Device

Don’t you tell me that you have never heard of an app known as XNSPY. This is presented as an application that gives you the chance to manage monitored devices on the go and I bet that I am not the only one interested about it.

If you are also looking for a monitoring app, you should pay some attention as this might be the perfect solution. The story is pretty simple: the app that I am telling you about works in stealth mode. This means that when you install it on a device, the owner wouldn’t be able to find it.

All functions will be hidden from his eyes and you still have complete control over everything that happens. To be more precise, all saved data imported from the devices is stored on the Dashboard and from there you can view latest logs like Phone or Web Activity, Instant messenger activity, Manage Account.

For example, if you enter into Phone activity you can record all calls and SMS messages made to and from the monitored device. For a better understanding, the Time and Date stamps are more than useful, not to mention the Web activity which shows details of all the Web pages accessed through the monitored device.

When it comes to the Manage account section, let me tell you that it is very important as long as it has a list of all the handsets viewed through the app. Click on each device to view the data collected from them and to gain access to its monitoring functions.

I am talking about the possibility to edit your account profile, edit your name, email, password, email, photo and language settings, find all records of all Phone Calls made to and from the monitored device along with all SMS messages sent and received on the device. All these Logs are provided along with the Time and Date stamps.

I must also tell you about a special feature of this app: I am talking about the Remote Control one as long as it easily connects onto an online Remote Control that links directly to your phone. This means you can easily send commands to your target Android phone with the help of the computer, no matter where in the world the phone is.

And don’t you imagine that this app is a solution for spying also. Just imagine what this app can do for a lost phone. You can Use Dropbox to Find your Stolen Android Phone, give a try to Timeline to track a Lost Android Device or one of these apps to Track a Lost / Stolen hansdet, but this app can also give you the clues to find it or if you are sure that it is gone for good, then lock the phone or wipe its memory to make sure that all sensitive data is perfectly safe.

Have I convinced you to give a try to XNSPY? Take the app from here and let me know if this is what you are looking for.