How to Manage Groups on your Galaxy S7

This Samsung Galaxy S7 device seems to have it all: strong performance for everyday tasks, an amazing display, high-end cameras and it is also water resistant, but you must also make a few changes to make it feel like yours.

For example, you can choose to use groups to organize your contacts. Your phone comes with a few preloaded groups, that’s true, but I bet that the default options aren’t enough for you, so feel free to create a group for your new coworkers, for your old friends from high-school, for a team and so on with the help of the below options.

Groups are also ideal to find contacts in a blink of an eye, to send messages and if you ever change your mind and a group becomes no longer needed, then deleting it is as simple as it can get.

Let the steps from these procedures guide you:

How to Manage Groups on your Galaxy S7:

How to Create a new Group

  1. From home, go to Apps;
  2. Then, go to Contacts;
  3. Tap Groups, and then tap Create;
  4. Now, it’s time to enter information about the group;
  5. Tap Device storage and all accounts to choose where to save the group – I am referring to a specific account, to the device memory, or to all accounts;
  6. Tap Group name in order to enter a name for this group;
  7. Tap Group ringtone to select a ringtone for notifications for incoming calls from group members;
  8. Then, tap Add member and select a member or members to add to the new group;
  9. Up next, tap Done;
  10. Tap Save to save the new group from your Galaxy S7.

How to Add Contacts to your new group

  1. Once again, go to Contacts;
  2. Tap Groups, and then tap a group;
  3. Tap Edit;
  4. Go to the Add member option and select a member or members to add to the new group;
  5. Don’t forget to tap Done;
  6. Then, just tap Save.

How to Send a Message to a Group

  1. You can send a message to members of a group, if the members have a telephone number stored in their contact record.
  2. Find your way to Contacts; contacts app icon;
  3. Tap Groups;
  4. Then, tap a specific group;
  5. Tap More > Send message;
  6. Tap the Recipients messages recipients icon in order to edit the group’s members receiving the message;
  7. Enter your message and send it.

How to Delete a Group
Even more, as I have told you from the start, there is nothing stopping you from deleting any group you created. When removing a group, you will have the option to also remove any members of the group from your accounts.

  1. From home, tap Apps;
  2. Then, you have to find your way to Contacts > Groups;
  3. Tap Groups;
  4. Up next, simply tap a group;
  5. Tap More and go to the options that says Delete;
  6. At the end, you must tap Group if you want to delete only the group, or Group and members to delete the group along with all its current members.