Moto X at Only $299 Available Right Away on Republic Wireless

The well-known Wi-Fi Republic Wireless carrier has added another great smartphone on its portfolio – Moto X. The great news though, is that the device comes with a low-price of only $299. The good part is that you can have it with no contracts to be signed. Carrier Republic Wireless is famous for doing everything it takes to keep its customers happy and loyal at all time. This is why, they have done again: they have partially subsidized the smartphone for that matter; try to buy Moto X directly from the Motorola and you will be paying double the price from Republic Wireless.

As our source mentions, along with this satisfactory offer, Republic Wireless has also planned some affordable rates for the smartphone, rates that can range from $5 to $40 a month. Again, you will ask yourself: how come this low rates? Well, stop asking, just buy it.

Moto X available through Republic Wireless

Moto X available through Republic Wireless

Since Republic Wireless gives you a great phone at a great price, let`s see some extra features that Moto X come with:
First would be the fact that you can use Wi-Fi on Moto X to have unlimited talk, voice calls and data, text or also have unlimited data on Wi-Fi. Of course, these features come with prices ranging from $5 to $40, as already mentioned above. All you have to have is some strong Wi-Fi connection in your area, and the smartphone will do the rest.

If you want to find out more about other important specs of Moto X, just click the link below to improve your information:

Moto X New York Release Date

Well, Wireless Republic has done its part and managed to match the “bang for the buck”, to quote Rick Borida from CNET; now it is up to you to do something about it and have it right away. Time is ticking away and the stocks may run dry soon.