Memory Game is Perfect for everyone from kids to adults

Animals Memory Game is quite a popular game. After all, who is not looking for an interactive, adaptive and fun memory game for children and not only? I am saying that as long as this can be a fun memory game for everyone from kids to adults.

At the beginning, you will see all memory cards turned face down. Select two of the cards by tapping on the card and if the cards are not the same, they will be covered up again. You have to remember what is on the cards so you can find all the matching pairs and this could turn into a challenge. After all, Animals Memory Game contains various card categories such as Animals, Dinosaurs, Insects, Fish, Dogs, as well as Dogs – notice that some of these categories are available via In-App Purchase.

Enjoy the easy to use interface, the special sound effects (they can be turned on or off, according to your own preferences) and find every pair of same cards from the deck until there are no cards left. Remember that there are 230 different card images, as well as 3 difficulty levels to choose from as it follows: Easy, Medium and Hard.

I guarantee that even some of you will find the hard level of Animals Memory Game a little challenging. Don’t you believe me? Grab the game from here and you will see that I am right! And don’t leave aside the fact that there are no ads to disrupt you from your learning experience or to tempt your kids!

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