There is no Frustration with the Android Outfolded Game

Are you looking for a minimalist puzzle game for Android? If you are bored by classical options, then look no more and give a try to Outfolded. Let me tell you from the very beginning the fact that Outfolded is a minimalist puzzle game which involves unfolding of shapes in order to reach your goal.

Unlike all other puzzle games that you have played up to now and I am sure that there are quite a few, this game does not force the player to play seriously. I am saying that as long as I found the best proof: let’s just say that someone played a wrong move and in such a case, he can always use undo for it as many times as he wants or needs, so there is no frustration!

That being said, I’m stunned that they were able to pull out such a pleasant game. This game allows the player to share solutions via social media. This means that if a player gets stuck, others can always help him out. However, let’s assume that this is also your case, so you cannot always be that friendly if you goal is to compete with your friends to get as far as possible, but a little help is always more than welcomed!

With these being said, you practically have the chance to relax and experiment in a never-ending series of Outfoldedlevels, or take on the challenging daily puzzles to earn hints and pit yourself against the best.

If you love puzzle games, Outfolded is for you. If you dislike puzzle games, you should try it out too as long as you see that it is so different than all the other options. Either way, this is a one stop game for all Android users and I bet that you are one of them as well!

Enter here to take Outfolded.