Start Quick Fingerprint Actions with easyHome on Samsung Devices

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For those of you who don’t know, easyHome is a special app that can make your life much more intuitive than it is at this point in case of using a Samsung device. As I have told you before, you can use it to turn your Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge home button into a Touch Responsive One (enter here for more details) or to Make your Galaxy S7 Home Button Touch-Responsive, yet there’s more about this app that you should know about.

With easyHome you don’t have to press your Home button anymore and amazing things are waiting for you. You can basically extend the home button functionality and start quick fingerprint actions like toggle recent app your phone with a long touch!

I want to point from the start the fact that this application is aimed at Samsung devices, so you can try it out on other devices, but there is no guarantee that it will work smoothly or that it will work at all.

Start Quick Fingerprint Actions with easyHome on Samsung Devices:

  1. Download the easyHome app from the Google Play Store link provided right here;
  2. Install the app and open it;
  3. You must accept the terms and conditions of using the app, and the give the app usage data access from the window it opens;
  4. Now, you can go into the Settings menu and start making the changes that you want: The easyHome application allows you to assign different actions to different tasks. To be more precise, you can simply tap the scanner to perform different tasks;
  5. Just to be clear, the tasks you can perform now are using the scanner as a home, back, lock or task manager key. It can also be used to start Google Now, Camera or show the Notification or Settings shades;
  6. Lastly, you can use it to open the last application or the power menu of your phone. You can trigger those by a short or long touch.

EasyHome is easy to set up and use, therefore what are you waiting for?

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