Assassin`s Creed Pirates available on Google Play

Ubisoft really got the real thing for its customers when it comes to Android games. The famous game corporation that revolutionized the shooting game industry, has now come up with another invention for the Android game freaks: Assassin`s Creed Pirates. The company tries to win the cell phone segment with different interactive games that somehow resemble to those from PC`s. It would be a wonderful experience since they come with the know-how for the smartphone market. In terms of ingenuity, Assassin`s Creed Pirates offers a unique naval combat history that people all over the world went crazy over the console.

Our source also states that the game is expected to give the same adrenaline rush as its recently launched Assassin`s Creed Black Flag. The game mode revolves around its hero, Alonzo Batilia, a young lad being in a constant fight for becoming the most famous pirate of the world.

Android Launches the Latest Ubisoft Game - Assassin`s Creed Pirates

Android Launches the Latest Ubisoft Game – Assassin`s Creed Pirates

The game is a reminder of old times` sake, where pirates used to rule the world. As a player, you will be actually a part of the crew that deals with cannons purchase, combats against other pirates and ship sea maintenance.

The game will test your device`s capability in terms of graphics and RAM resources. It enhances great graphics when navigating your ship along the elements of nature, such as heavy rains or merciless foes. The battle skills will be left into your own hands, along different entertaining game stages.

If the article has drawn your attention and you are curious of somehow testing it, we have to mention that it will be released on December 5 in the Google Play Store. We will have to see the price tag for this sword swing game.

From what we have heard, it will come with an appropriate $4.99 price. Pretty cheap deal for a promising Android pirate game. Let`s hope it will be worth the waiting.