Enjoy Metal for Facebook & Twitter on Android

Are you looking for a Facebook and Twitter memory friendly alternative? Don’t worry; I am not here with the suggestion to permanently leave behind Facebook, but I am better talking about simply quitting the official Facebook app. Well, the Facebook app is the one app you would never put on a new device because of how bloated it is, but there are so many Android users out there that do have it installed.

The bottom line is that this app is resource hungry and takes a lot of internal storage and RAM. Even more, if you wish to use the messenger for chatting, you will have to install a whole different app just for that task.

In such conditions, more and more users are willing to try life without the official app and they actually like what they see. Metal for Facebook & Twitter comes in their help and trust me when I say that it really is an amazing alternative to the official Facebook app we have for Android.

The app was previously in beta phase and required to join the Google+ Community, but now things have changed and the app can be directly taken from the Play Store. This app also supports Twitter and despite of that, it weights around 3 MB, so memory is no longer an issue. And of course that you can still join the G+ Community if you are interested in the development news, but the choice is all yours.

Once you install and launch the app, you have to do the usual and sign in to your Facebook account. The app also supports the faster login option using a 4-digit passcode and once you sign in, you will feel like home. You can basically customize the update sync interval and enable an app lock using the fingerprint sensor if it is available, or a password. There’s also a box at the top of the page from where you can update status, upload photos and check-in, while the Compose button at the bottom-right only brings you to the top of the page to update the status.

Even more, Metal provides a nice custom feature called Metal Bar. This places a persistent notification on the notification drawer which opens up a Facebook overlay when clicked and enables the user to quickly interact with Facebook while another app is open. And the best part is that messaging is supported through the app. You can see and reply to messages directly from the Metal app itself, so it is the ideal choice, I am sure of that!

Grab the app right away: Metal for Facebook & Twitter