WhisperPush Integration With CyanogenMod Is Going To Bring Secure Messaging

Earlier this year, Koush had announced that CyanogenMod would receive a new integrated, system-wide secure messaging integration with compatibility from TextSecure. If you are concerned about security and protection on your rooted and CyanogenMod-running device, then you do not have to worry anymore. The new WhisperPush into the OS feature will allow users to send and receive encrypted text messages that are safely transmitted through the airwaves to other CM users or anyone who has TextSecure app installed.

TextSecure is an open-source cross-platform client that encrypts all of your SMS messages both locally and over the air when interacting to other TextSecure users. As you might imagine, security is very important, and we all want our messages to be read only by the person who is intended to. However, in order to send encrypted messages using TextSecure is to use the application itself to manage your messages.

CyanogenMod revealed encrypted Messages Features

CyanogenMod revealed encrypted Messages Features

In this respect, people at CyanogenMod want to change the security level by implementing the TextSecure option within the operating system itself. In this way, users will be able to use any messaging app and still enjoy the benefits of WhisperPush encryption. Therefore, all messages send to any device running a compatible version of CM or any other device with the TextSecure app installed will be automatically encrypted and secured. However, if the recipient is not using TextSecure or CyanogenMod, all messages will be sent on a regular manner. This means that they will not be encrypted.

As far as the CyanogenMod changelog is concerned, developers confirmed the new feature will extent the encrypted messaging functionality to nearly any SMS application that users plan to use. In this respect, all messages to other CM or TextSecure users (regardless of iOS or Android) will automatically be encrypted and secured.

In the same time, the team of developers back at the CyanogenMod launched the version initially into the CM 10.2 in order to test the server load and make sure things are working as they should. Once everything is at its place, they will enable this amazing feature for Cm 11 builds moving forward. If you want to protect and encrypt all your written texts, feel free to check out the TextSecure app through Google play or install the Custom ROM on your smart device.

Source: DroidLife