Enable YouTube Background Playback on Android Nougat

YouTube has its share of good and bad and the truth is that one of the biggest problems is that you can’t simply plug in your headphones, choose a playlist, and put your beloved Android device back in your pocket, at least not for free. These are all available YouTube Red, but I don’t accept the idea of paying no less than $9.99/month for all these.

If you’re running Android KitKat, Lollipop, or Marshmallow, then I bet that you already know the fact that there are some amazing Xposed modules which allow you to block ads on YouTube and enable background playback. Anyway, things are a little different for Xposed which hasn’t been updated to support Android Nougat yet, so you must find a way to enable YouTube background playback without it.

Yes, that’s possible and here I am to show you how to do it. Just make sure you’ve rooted your device before going any further or else you cannot succeed, so I hope that rooting is not an issue.

Enable YouTube Background Playback on Android Nougat:

  1. First of all, you have to take the Lucky Patcher app on your device. In order not to waste any more time, just use this direct download link;
  2. Up next, install it and remember the fact that you need to enable “Unknown Sources” from your device settings before installing the app;
  3. After that, launch the app;
  4. You will immediately receive a popup requesting for SuperSU permissions. Do not fear to grant it;
  5. In the Lucky Patcher app, you’ll see the list of installed apps on your device;
  6. Select “YouTube” app from the list and hit “Open menu of patches” option;
  7. You might get a system application warning if YouTube is installed as a system app, so don’t hesitate to hit “Yes” if prompted;
  8. From here, tap “Custom patch”;
  9. Then, hit “Apply” to patch the YouTube app on your device;
  10. It’ll take some time to patch the app, so wait until you see a success message;
  11. That was all! Feel free to open a YouTube app and play a song or video, up next hit the home button to get out of the app. You’ll soon see a “YouTube background playback” notification in the notification bar with options to pause/play and previous/next buttons.

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